Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1.  We're in to scooters now, which is awesome, but probably caused by the training wheels being of the bikes at the moment.  M's are going back on B is ready and close, but not there.  He has, however, "mastered" his scooter and uses it frequently.  E is using a trike of sorts, but his legs are too short.  He did manage to tip over and crash though..... of course. 
 2.  Missed my dad during father's day and love this picture of him teaching B to garden.

 4.  Swimming lessons ended on Friday.  I love my telephoto lens. In a surprising twist, B may have to redo L2 on a technical issue related to diving for rings without stopping? Or something? We'll see if we can work around that.  It was pretty chaotic with lots of different teachers in his level and I suspect he is more than ready for L3, but we shall see. M joined P3 the last few days of the session and will do it in full in July.  She seems to be having fun, but as with most of the preschool classes, not learning a tremendous amount.  I did love on the last day during free play that our kids found each other and played together :)
 5.  E had his first snow cone of his very own.  Birthday cake flavor the day before his 2nd birthday and finished every drop without making a huge mess.  He even figured out how the straw/spoon part works.  I think B was hoping there might be a bit of leftovers that needed a home, but was encouraging nonetheless (and yes he had already had his own).
 5.  These guys are cute and I love them. IRSP ends in just a few more days and I think we'll all be thrilled to have Brent home again in the evenings.  It has gone better this year, but it is just always going to be hard.  I send out my huge praise and astonishment for all the amazing single parents out there every year about this time.
 6.  On father's day, the whole crew worked on mastering the new Mario Kart 8 that Brent got as a present.  M still struggles, but is getting better, I think?
 7.  We took Bill to see How to Train Your Dragon 2.  It was a good movie, but the dad dying part was predictably hard for me.
 8.  E played with Granddaddy before we left and was completely adorable.  He and Grammie had lots of fun while we were gone, or so I hear.

9.  Yesterday, we went the Hefner Park and had it all to ourselves on a windy, cool morning.  It was beautiful and fun.  Happily, during our visit E decided he could walk, climb, and run again and all three kids loved every minute of his new mobility.  Very fun!  The Doctor had said it might take awhile longer as the burn was deeper than first anticipated, so this was a pleasant surprise and barring infection means we won't have to go back to wound care/PT. 
10.  I love this picture that Tracie took at E's 2nd Birthday Party.  I think it is the best of the day and his real smile.  I love that we're seeing that more this week as he is finally feeling better after weeks of illness/injury. 

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