Saturday, June 28, 2014

Denver Botanical Gardens

I seem to remember always visiting botanical gardens on vacation wherever we would go.  My parents love gardens and my dad, in particular, was fascinated with plants.  He taught us latin names of plants and studied them closely, both while in school and long after.  Out of habit or grown love, I always visit botanical gardens too and so enjoy them.
This year's NACUA conference was in Denver, CO.  Gabrielle (a new attorney in my office) and I made our way to the gardens with a few folks from Penn.  Happily, this was a double feature as it was not "just" a botanical garden, but one with a fabulous display of Chihuly glass woven in.  I loved how well they were woven together as well as the beauty of each alone.

These could almost be a fountain.
These maybe birds?

I loved that this particular botanical garden had lots of larkspur.  I don't see it that much outside of my mother's garden, but it was the flower my bridesmaids carried and the decoration for our wedding reception.  I love it.
These were bug houses.  They reminded me of the lizard houses the kids made at farm camp on a somewhat grander scale.

I love that the purple spires mimic the purple larkspur spires and the other similar flowers nearby.
Near here, we encountered two of my first mentors when I was a new attorney.  It was wonderful to run in to them in the midst of this beauty in a less "legal" setting.  Ann & Dennis - you are awesome!

The Chihuly display at the OKMOA has a sort of similar boat display in it, but having a boat of  glass balls and decorations in the middle of actual water is much more effective.
The red spires in the "plains" section did remind me a little of fire, and a little of flowers,  They seemed a bit more dangerous somehow.
Looking back as we transitioned away to the dessert.
Of course, Frozen came to mind :)
And roses, so many beautiful roses and peonies.  It smelled amazing.

This was near the end of our circle and completely beautiful.  It is, of course, all glass. I saw pictures that suggest it lights up at night!

If you have a chance to visit these gardens I strongly recommend it.  Which botanical gardens would you suggest I seek out in the future? 

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