Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ten on Thursday

1. This was a very big week!   First off, Zane turned 4!  There were many celebrtions from "chip dudes" dinner on Thursday, through birthday brunch, & finally bowling!

2.  Bowling!  Somehow we managed to fit a couple games of bowling in between Zane's morning birthday brunch and my later afternoon flight.  My favorite part, I think, was E helping M bowl using the ramp.  He became essential and they worked really well together.

3.  While I was gone, M had another session of dance camp (hmmm did I post about Frozen Dance Camp yet? I shall try and cover both at once).  Needless to say, her brothers did not attend, but had a great time playing together while she was at camp.

4.  Post-bowling fun in the arcade.  All the kids but B, gave up on bowling with a few frames left in the second game.  They played in the arcade and  B bowled out the rest of the game for everyone.

5.  I was in Denver Saturday evening through Wednesday afternoon.  The kids went on adventures with Daddy, including Bouncin Craze and Unpluggits (pictured here).  I also suspect they played a few video games :)

6.  We get a little free time during the conference to explore the host city.  I chose to go to the Botanical Gardens (shocking, I know).  There was a display of Chihuly glass integrated in to the gardens and it was more beautiful than ever.  I think even without the amazing glass this would have been one fo my favorite botanical gardens and I've see quite a few. I have a few more pictures below and will add some more (or a link) later in the week.

7.  One great thing about my colleagues is that they are almost all really in to getting their exercise in.  When I am with them there is a daily chat about who has run today and where or what bike ride they are joining in the afternoon.  I enjoy running in the city and managed two runs while I was in Denver.  The altitude didn't really bother me too much (I think?) with the bonus of much cooler weather.  I exercised every day (as always) and strangely was able to get up at 6am, get my run/gym time in, and be at conference stuff dressed like a grown up by 7:45.  How can I not do this at home?

8.  This weird picture is brought to you by my multiple badges.  I think they tell a bit of a story about my tendency to volunteer for "all the things."  At this conference, I really began to feel like lots of people knew me and would walk up to me to talk about my session or the conference planning or that cool dinner we went to the night before. I take my volunteer roles seriously and worked hard to get to know more people and start the planning for next year's conference.  I especially loved staying out late just talking, eating, and laughing with friends new and old, but was definitely ready to come home!

9.  I showed this picture to a friend in Denver and she was unfamiliar with our state lizard. Here it is in super sized glory -- you can find this friendly specimen outside the Northwest OKC library (our favorite).  We are working our way through the 24 books we borrowed last week.  Some of B's books are a bit longer this time so it is slghtly slower going.

10.  Good news, E is feeling better!  He runs around all over the place as though his foot was never hurt and is again, so fast.  He has turned slightly more in to a Daddy's boy in my absence (this always happens) but we had a good time today and he chose me to put him to bed so I'm back in good graces.  Mostly, I need to find him some non-Thomas boot shoes to wear occasionally for our newly instituted morning walks as it just seems like rainboots might not be the thing.  The morning walks are partially inspired by my new vivofit, but more about that another time.  For now, I'm just happy to be back playing, hugging, laughing, and learning with our family.

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