Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

 1.  Friday we had book club at the Spice Shop.  It was awesome. We probably needed more chairs, but Kari gave a great tour and I loved the salt tasting and time with friends.
2.  Saturday morning we had a Baby Tea for Jamie (Brent's sister) at Inspiration Tea Room with the ladies of our family and a few of her friends.  These two younger ladies got to participate for the first time.  It was simple and sweet.

 3.  This lady is having kind of a rough week.  She, I think, is just too tired so we've gone back to naps as none of us can handle the whining/arguing.  Here's hoping we're all happier and that she actually sleeps.
4.  Sunday, we went to the Kite Festival that was part of LibertyFest.  We were early and there weren't too many kites up yet.  We bought a few small ones, that mostly broke immediately.  Some kind souls helped us repair them a bit, but the mojo just wasn't there in the heat/humidity/tired kids.  So we went home and rested (OK, I crazily went running, but that wasn't a good decision).
 5.  We spent a lot of fun time this weekend playing with our Richards cousins.  Jamie and her boys are in town for a few days and it was great to just have some leisurely time together with Grammie & Granndaddy.
 6.  So cute, right? Here are all five, predictably not looking the same direction, but eagerly awaiting dinner at LibertyFest's Taste of Edmond.

 7.  Taste of Edmond was fun.  LOTS of our friends and family came this year.  Yes, of course, it was hot and there was some line sitting to be done, but plenty of opportunities to get bites of this and that.  We usually sat one or two adults at tables with a few kids and went out and back in waves. I love that we watch kids as a village so at any time you could be watching your kids or one of our friends or cousins or whatever.  It was fun:)
 8.  This is my favorite picture of a very busy weekend because I'm IN the photo with the kids and it really captured where we were at the end of a long, hot, busy, fun, summer weekend.
9.  I have a Garmin Vivofit as my present to myself for 100 days of exercise.  More about it later, but part of it is setting goals to take more steps every day (this goes beyond just having 30 minutes of movement as sometimes I'm holding in place working on strength/flexibility and thus not getting the cardio/movement),.  anyway, long story short, my attempt to get to 10K steps a day requires more and more family walks and wanderings,which everyone seems to be enjoying even though it is kind of hot and yucky.  This lady has fallen in love with resting under a nearby willow tree, which is pretty neat as well.

10.  Happy 4th of July! This week looks like it will be full of fun.  However, B has a stomach bug so we'll see where that goes from here.

PS -- We're back in swimming lessons and happily B got to do the next harder level.  M cried the first day, but is doing find in her class as well.  E is now running full speed again and his foot is doing well :)

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