Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday E!

 Today, our lovely E is 2!  This is sort of a day in the life type retorspective on a very big day for a very cool boy.  First up, we had birthday cupcakes.  This wasn't the original plan, but when I realized Brent wouldn't be here in the evening we moved part of the celebration up.  Everyone had a cupcake, we sang, blew out candles, opened presents, and had a great time.
 Somewhere between these two pictures he got covered in chocolate.  Eventually we had to move on to presents so we could make it on to swimming, work, etc... He remains a slow eater.  His presents included a new Babar book, ball, Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse chair and foot stool, Mickey Movie, etc....
 After getting rid of the now chocolatey clothes and starting to get ready for swimming we had a little Mickey movie time and were almost late for swimming :)

 Then he played with Mickey and Mama poolside while the big kids swam.
 Next up - the Lady Bug release at the Myriad Gardens with the Lam ladies and Wainright crew who came all the way from Tulsa to join us.
 E rode in the Ergo as strollers don't work well with all the stairs in the Myriad Gardens set up -- he is not a fan and misses walking. E tried getting down several times, but immediately wanted back up and was sad.
 B was so careful and gentle with the lady bugs. I loved it. They did too and many of them befriended him and rode around on his clothes.
 There were many, MANY more people at the ladybug release this year so we only got one tub of bugs per family.  So, I instituted a ladybug rescue (pictured above).  After releasing all their bugs, the kids attempted to rescue ladybugs that had wandered onto the patio and put them back on plants where they wouldn't get stepped on.  It was moderately successful, but some probably were stepped on in the process.
 This guy was a huge help today.  He stuck right with me and E or ran and tracked down his wandering sister, carried things, and generally was extremely helpful.  He so loves his brother.  It is awesome.
 This is my favorite picture of the day as I'm so rarely in pictures, and love E & me together. So sweet:)

We had lunch at the Wedge in Deep Deuce.  It was a great time with our friends and Brent too.  I've got to learn that we have big kids now days and they need more than one piece of pizza after all that ladybug work.  So next time we'll get LOTS more pizza, but we still had a wonderful time.
 Then, E opened his gifts from the Lams and Wainrights.  The Lams gave him a very cool dino book and the Wainrights got him this cool fireman get up & Mickey Mouse firetruck.  He LOVED them all.  He even slept in the fireman costume, snuggling his new hat :)  After this, we just hung out and played with the Wainrights for another four hours or so.  The kids did amazingly well together and Chrissie and I could just talk and talk and catch up.  It was so wonderful.  LOVED every bit of the just sitting relaxing together part of the day and that our kids get along so well.
After the Wainrights left for Tulsa, Grammie & Granddaddy came by and let E eat dinner ON the table (which is unheardof) and he loved it, but probalby didn't eat much.  Oddly, I don't seem to have a picture, but Zane, Zach, and Ro joined us as well for more presents, dinner, music, and cupcakes. 
 The Mickey hat is from the Korenaks and the piggy bank is from his Grandparents complete with a little seed money.
 Then, big brother helped with the birthday signing and candles.
 And E did a very good job with his ice cream all by himself.
He ended the day messy, tired, and with too much sugar, but a very happy boy.  He snuggled in to my shoulder while I read to the big kids and loved song time and snuggling to sleep with Mickey and friends.  It was a very big day for my big little boy.  We love you so much and are excited for the year to come. 

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