Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

 1. On Thursday afternoon my work computer died.  This is a fairly big deal when you are 1000+ miles from tech support and new equipment.  While I fought the technology battle B painted me this picture (all told he and M did three each and they are all lovely and stressful as painting stresses me a little).

 2.  This was chilling by the pool on Wednesday. Swimming lessons only happened on two days last week.  So this moment of chilling by the pool was short lived, but lovely.  I am absolutely NOT complaining about the rain however.  It is completely lovely and I hope it stays all summer :)
 3.  Wednesday we went to Norman and played at the pool with the Lam ladies. It was so lovely to spend time with them and to have dinner altogether outdoors by the pool.  Just lovely. And E probably won't get to go swimming much more this summer (see injury report below) so I'm glad he got in this day.
 4.  Brent works late with IRSP several days a week in this cycle of the year.  So, the kids and I went to the Western Avenue Lawn Event that is the first Thursday of the month.  There were yard games, food vendors, picnics, and a cooking competition.  My kids took the on the lawn part quite seriously.
 5.  Then we had ice cream from Roxys. It was just a few blocks over at another small festival with live music, food trucks, bouncy castle, shops, etc....  A magician came by and did lots of tricks.
6.  It was amazing and the beginning of the end of my foot tracking as I at my cone and most of E's
 7.  A magician came by and made balloon animals and did tricks.  B was his helper and totally loved it to my great surprise.  We eventually had to escape as it was already past bedtime.
 8. Friday we went to the Science Museum after the great work fiasco continued (computer arrived miraculously, but didn't like my internet for many hours).  It was so fun to go with Able, Kari, Audra, Z & R too!
 9.  Then we had dinner/pool part at Able & Kari's.  This little guy somehow stepped on a hot coal and we spent the next 6 hours in urgent care and then the emergency room.  He ended up with a 2nd degree burn and a huge blister.
10.  We've been to the Doctor again and have been keeping it wrapped up and covered in ointment.  Sometime this afternoon during the checking out of 26 books at our Tuesday library visit the blister popped open.  Tomorrow we go to PT/Wound care to talk about next steps.  He has been mostly sitting or being carried everywhere, but late today he started crawling quite a bit more and seems to finally miss being mobile.  This is sort of changing how summer is working for us as he can't do all the things a normal two year old might (yes, he is turning TWO on THURSDAY).   His siblings have been an amazing help through all of this too.  Overall, he is doing remarkably well and we're managing the pain with just Tylenol, which is awesome.  I'm hoping to have some birthday week posts up soon!

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