Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

Note: there will be additional farm camp postings -- promise :) Meanwhile, here are the other things that are happening.

1.  It is truly summer.  The summer babysitter is here every day, which means the kids are home all day too.  I am (so far on day 2) loving it.  E sleeps quite awhile after my work day ends so I get some good time with the big kids too.

2.  Today, we began outdoor swimming lessons at Pelican Bay.  This is our first time with outside lessons and so far (again, just day 1) the kids are loving it. I had to pry M off my body to hand her off to her instructor, but then she did a great job and ended up really happy.  B's class "might" be slightly too easy for him, but he is in the next level in a few weeks and having fun for now.  M's class only has two kids in it, which is awesome and promises to be very helpful for her.  E plays with me around the edge of the pool and seems somewhat frustrated that he isn't swimming.  Can you believe that next summer he will be 3 and can be in class too?

3.  Last night I grilled chicken tenders using this marinade recipe. They were so good! Why don't we grill chicken more often? The tenders were so incredibly quick and delicious.  E ate THREE!

4.  E has been sick for about a week now to varying degrees.  Saturday morning his fever was so high that he was panting and just way overheated.  It is so sad and scary when that happens.  He is now happily taking anti-biotics and improving.  He went on a liquids strike again, but seems to finally be drinking and eating, which is wonderful.

5.  B is obsessed with Magic Treehouse books.  He has read at least 10 this week, probably more as I've totally lost count.  I love that he is loving reading!  We're making Tuesday Library trips part of our schedule and enjoying the outside reading space at the Northwest Library.

6.  Remember last summer when we discovered watercolor pencils? We haven't used them a ton since then, but somehow they are a summer thing too and now very popular again.  I've ordered more watercolor paper as clearly we're going to run out at this pace.

7.  I ran with Able & Kari Monday.  It was so good to be out there.  I was finally able to enjoy and just appreciate that I was outside and able to run without being sad about how much slower I am or how much trouble I have getting enough oxygen.  They are great encouragers as well :) We are now on day 73 of exercise, but only day two of food tracking... despite my lofty goals in that post two weeks ago.  I do have a special exercise tool treat planned for when I reach 100 days of exercise or roughly 30 days of food tracking, but more on that later.

8. IRSP has started for Brent.  This means he is gone in the evening most days for the first three weeks of June.  Day 1 I was fine (and he was home by 6:30 so that might not count).  Today will be a later night, but I'm feeling hopeful so far.  I do miss getting to share summer evening adventures with him as by July it is just too hot really.

9.  I wrote the above Tuesday morning before work.  Of course, by Tuesday afternoon the wheels had fallen off.  B was mad at me (although he admitted he didn't know why) and by evening E was crazy and hitting me (luckily Brent walked in the door at that moment). So yeah, it is going to be a mixed bag.

10.  Last week we also visited the science museum and the zoo.  I love being back in some of our favorite haunts.  Sadly, we can't really go during the school year afternoons any more due to B's school schedule.  We try to go right after school ends every year before it is blazing hot.  They all did miraculously well and it was a great time. 

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