Thursday, June 5, 2014

Farm Camp: Part 2

At last, Farm Camp Part 2! (Part 1 and My Mom's posts 1, 2, and 3, and some pictures from my sister here

When we last visited farm camp, Z was just getting off the horse.  Here are a few pictures of our other riders,  B is above, and Molly below with my Mom and Cass helping them.

Then there was M --- I have to note, that in the past M was afraid of dogs, riding ponies, and probably cows too.  On this farm visit she showed now fear and was very brave and calm about all of the things she was previously worried about. So proud and happy!
Then there was some petting and grooming again.
B being silly and finally.... the grand finale.  E had been asking when it was Everett's turn for a very very long time.
M rode double with him so he would feel safer.
Yes, his helmet is enormous, but he wouldn't take it off or switch to the smaller one and as the horse wasn't actually walking for his turn, just standing we let it go.

Then it was time for cool drinks with dogs, horses and friends.
Thanks so much to Cass for her gracious gift of time with her animals and care in helping our young riders.  It was fabulous!
Then we went back to our farm and painted lizard houses (so they have places to hide from cats).

Then there was a bug/nature scavenger hunt (with a few lessons about other things we were seeing along the way).
The Lam ladies were so fun to play with. I'm thrilled they were able to come and M loved having a girlfriend to play with this time.

More exploring/scavengerhunt.

Then it was time to head inside for some cool and some ukelele lessons.  Earlier in the day we attempted naps.  M & Molly mostly had a typical girl slumber party (read: no sleeping) so Molly was tired and did some interpretive dance instead of playing ukelele, which was great as then E could play hers, but it also meant that the Lam ladies were ready to hit the road. 
Braid picture with M--- we had fun with our matching farm braids.  So cute :)
As the evening cooled a bit, we played with the turtles again, including this turtle race that went nowhere.

The evening wanderings were E and I's end to farm camp.  At this point, B had a fever and slept for 12 hours and was fine.  E, who was find on Friday evening and seemed to be improving, woke up Sunday with a high fever and completely miserable.  We finally got him cooled down and I packed to head to the doctor with him.

Meanwhile, the big kids, Grandma, and Uncle David Loaded up in the old Moline for a trip to the west pasture and some tractor riding time.

E and I snuggled while we let him rest and awaited their return.  I think I have a few more pictures from Saturday to share, but this seems fully long enough for today.  Farm Camp, as you can see, was quite the adventure :) 

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