Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Family Vacation 2014: Day 2

Granddaddy called us on Day 1 and discovered we were going to Turner Falls and decided to join our fun.  This was a fabulous surprise!  As he was driving down from Edmond we had some extra time in the morning.  First, we had Days Inn breakfast, and then headed to Wal-Mart for "forgotten things."  We had 6 towels with us, but most of them were still wet so we bought clearance beach towels, more sunscreen, water, etc... and headed south. 

One of Brent & my goals for the trip was to take the kids hiking.  We went on our first hike at Turner Falls while we waited for Granddaddy.  It ended up including a little spelunking as well. Yes, we sent our kids in that cave alone, briefly.... it was spooky
This was the sort of views we saw from the trails looking over Turner falls.
We discovered the cave had another entrance and got to go in with them:

Then, back to hiking.  The train was rocky and fairly steep at points, particularly as Brent was carrying E most of the time.  The big kids were huge troopers through it all.  We took a long time on the way down stopping for every trail branch and scenic outlook.  When we were having snacks and water at the bottom, Granddaddy called so we scrambled back up quickly. Then we all got in one car and moved our car down to the falls level.  At this point, the park was much more crowded.  We changed in to swiming suits and headed back to the falls on flat ground.
Now, despite getting beach towels in the morning, we failed to get water shoes (or bring them) so walking in the rocky cold water was a little treacherous.  Granddaddy even got stuck in the mud at one point and had to be rescued.  M was the most surefooted and climbed all over.

After an hour or so in the water we happily observed from the shore and had another hydration station.
Granddaddy loved it and reminiscing about his last visit in the early 70s.  I was here in the 90s and it had changed a lot since either visit.

The beach towels were a hit and so was a long morning at the Falls.
As we walked back to the car, we found one of the castles and had to climb on up!  Then we stopped for snow cones in the shade before trekking back to our car and taking Granddaddy back up the hill to his.  He headed home and we wandered off in search of lunch!  (Most of us were still in swimming suits and I was very happy that the bottom half of  my tankini is a skirt as I basically wore it all day until just before dinner!)

 After some searching, we found Big Mike's Pizza.  It was delicious and made it in to B's top five pizzas ever, particularly when they brought us free chocolate chip pizza which we had to celebrate B's half birthday!
Then, it was back to adventures at the Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park.  If Turner Falls, was slightly under lawyered, this place had way too many signs, warnings, and dire predictions about the fate of species.  I suspect they are right, but it was just shouty. We did see some cool animals and get to feed them animal crackers. They also restrict photos very seriously so not too many from this adventure.
Here they are feeding a monkey.  A keeper came by and played with him a bit too.  We also saw tigers, ligers, liligers, lions, baboons, apes, etc...  The security and pleas for help are intense.

Then, it was back to the PV for more time at the water park.  B spent more time on the diving board, E continued to hang out in the beach area near the fish slide, and M enjoyed the medium slide area and water features as well as some swimming in between.   After the water park closed at six we changed and headed across the street to dinner at the Happy Days Dinner.  In celebration of vacation, I actually had Fried Pickles and a Chocolate Malt for my dinner as I'm an adult and can do things like that.  E discovered a profound love of Ranch Dressing and spilled water everywhere.  B ate every bite of what appeared to be Kraft Mac n' Cheese and M had breakfast for dinner.  Brent ate Chicken Fried Steak Dinner (this was offered at almost every restaurant and one of us really had to order it at some point).   Then back to the beloved Days Inn.  E discovered the corded land line phone and repeatedly tried to call Grandma who was, apparently, off on her own adventures.  There concluded the second day of fun.

Day 2:

Where we went:
Turner Falls
The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park
Pauls Valley Water Park

Where we Ate:  We have rule against eating at places that exist in Edmond/OKC while on vacation so you'll see lots of local choices each day:
Breakfast at the Days Inn--- B lists this as his favorite part of the trip
Big Mike's Pizza - chocolate chip pizza is amazing
Happy Days Diner

Where we stayed:
Days Inn - Pauls Valley

Prior Post: Day 1

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