Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ten on Thursday

1.  Last week looked like this--- small boys in rain boots and girls twirling umbrellas. The temperature was blissfully cool and a dream compared to normal Oklahoma weather in July.  It has heated up a bit since then, but we are so thankful for it while it lasted.
 2.  Yes, I am the mom who makes her kids do a bit of school work in the summer.  We don't do too much and gauge the timing and "howe we are" today.  M and I will be doing a little home school this year as well so it is good practice for us in finding a routine.
 3.  B has read all of those Magic Treehouse books.  I've printed off a list that he is working through to see if he's read all of them, if not, it is very close.  I love how he is devouring books this summer.
 4.  Lady M is in to costumes again.  She also has started dressing up E.  In this photo he is wearing a Sophia costume while "reading" a Skylander book, which pretty much sums up his situation.
 5.  M is also VERY in to her dolls and doll houses right now.  We've had all of these for years, but they are suddenly very popular as she heads towards her 5th birthday in just over a week!
 6.  Yesterday, Audra and I took our kids to Barnes and Nobles' 75th anniversary of Batman event.  They got comic books, posters, bookmarks, pins, and even Batman's autograph.  As we left, the question was "where was Johnteen Eighteen."  That is Zane's imaginary friend and the famous person they "thought" we were going to meet...sigh.
 7.  Look how tall he is? Nearing that 4' 6'' mark.  Also, note the new hat from the Toy and Action Figure Museum, this has definitely been a summer of hat wearing for B.
 8.  M, rocking the side pony tail, 4th of July ribbons, and Paris dress.  Luckily, the US and France are both fond of red, white, and blue.
 9.  This morning we ventured back to the Lake Hefner Park for more morning fun before the heat hit.  Everyone had a great time, but M, in particular, loved it as I helped her learn how to hang upside down from the bar.  B tried, but his relative lack of flexibility and much longer legs made it much more difficult for him :(
10 - All three kids in one picture, climbing, smiling, and just having fun.  That is our goal for the waning weeks of summer. 

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