Sunday, July 13, 2014

Party + Ponies

My friend Chrissie throws the best birthday parties.  Just a known fact.  We often end up missing them for random reasons like sick kids, travel, family conflicts, whatever, which is sad.  I haven't actually been to one in a couple years I think and have watched from afar.  This time, we actually all made it to the party.  Chrissie surprised her newly 6 year old with ponies (one dressed as  unicorn) for her party! E was one of the first on the ponies and LOVED it.  These ponies were more his size than at farm camp and I think he rode at least three times.
 M has had some issues both with ponies and with participating in parties in the past (ok, constantly almost).  This time, she let E go first, but then happily got on the unicorn pony.
 So beautiful, right?  She rode at least three times as well and had a grand time.
 The boys played horse shoes with sparkly horse shoes (of course).  I think it might have been B & E's first time and they enjoyed it.
The whole crew headed over to feed and groom the ponies.
 M loved grooming them.  E actually did too, but I have no pictures as I was helping him.l

E & M also both fed each horse several time with feed cubes.  E had no fear about this.  Chrissie's dad covered his tiny fingers and helped him feed stormy.  E would have done this a dozen times.
 The party was beautiful, of course.  That cake, it has a secret stash of pink and white jelly beans inside!  See that unicorn in the background.  Chrissie made that (of course). She also set up enough canvases with unicorn stickers on them for everyone to paint one.  When the paint was dry, we peeled off the sticker and there was a white unicorn in the center.  M's is happily in her room and she requests we hang it on her (soon to be painted) pink wall.  Perfect!
 At Wainright parties, they fish for favors.  E didn't quite get this concept and drew #1 so hadn't seen others do it.  Eric helped him.  I think E was a little confused about getting tape, but moved on to other things.
 M snagged a glowing trident wand.
B drew the last number and got a cup you can freeze and drink cold drinks out of.  He has one at home and loves it.  There was also milk magic, unicorn necklace beading, and lots of playing dress-up.  The Tulsa party guests left after an hour or so.  The Hoppers and our crew stayed on through the afternoon to spend a bit more time with the Wainrights and each other.

Among our friends, things are starting to shift.  For awhile, people had been moving in to Oklahoma and raising our small children together.  Now people are starting to move away and the children are starting to get bigger and have school friends outside our family of friends.  I'm happy for those moving to better jobs and new opportunities.  Lots of this is still in the "maybe" phase, but it seems like change is coming.  I am sad to see this phase ending.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and I treasure all the times we've had together and am sure our friendships will just grow and change as always. A cycle or two ago we were the ones leaving, so I get that. It is just odd to be the ones left behind this time.  Luckily for us, my siblings have moved back so we have lots more family here than we did when we came to Oklahoma six years ago.

I'm rambling.  In any case, change is on my mind and so is the beauty of horse rides and a simply lovely family party by any definition. 

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

That Everett must have gotten 'cowboy gene' from his ancestors. Danny would be so happy to see that…I mean, he probably IS so happy to see that. What fun! Wish I had ponies that size for them to ride. Hmm….


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