Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ten on Thursday

1.  Summer heat began to arrive this week. See those sad leaves on the vine? The good news is that more rain followed (for once) and we now have daily cherry tomato harvesting, as well as a couple cucumbers and an eggplant happily growing.

2. In addition to all the 4th fun I blogged about earlier with the Blakley/Dotter crew, the Joneses were in town last week and came over for an intense play session.  At one point, all our nephews, and all our kids were here at once.  It was awesome and a little aggressive at times.

3. Last night we went and watched Frozen outside at the Myriad Gardens.  It was absolutely the best weather one could ask for in Oklahoma in July.  Cool, slightly cloudy, light breeze -- awesome.  There were thousands of people there so it got a bit cozy as show time approached, and then began to thin back down as the show neared the end.  We had plenty of room for us, new chairs, lots of snacks, and we bought Roxy's ice cream while we waited (of course).  It was delicious as always.  Near the end (aka 10:30) M began dancing and rolling around in the grass a lot, but quietly and without bothering people too much.  E "might" have fallen out if his chair a few times, but in general they all did really well!

4. Swimming lessons are nearing their end for the summer.  Today was the next to last day.  It was 77 degrees, windy, cloudy, and had rained over night.  These are great conditions for watching swimming lessons, but kind of chilly for actually swimming.  They persevered and both seem to be doing well in their classes.  E finally got to bring snacks in as he slept through breakfast.  He promptly spilled them---which is why he doesn't get snacks at the pool... obviously.

5.  I am starting to itch to work on home improvement projects again. Probably because I've been looking at houses online again and even drove past one lovely treed one today.  All dreaming as our house needs plenty of work before we sell as do our savings :)

6. My DLSR broke -- ok, just the battery door. I so almost bought a new, fancier one that I really want, but am waiting to save the money and debating with Brent which piece of technology most needs replacing.  He is lobbying for a laptop for me and he might be right, but I'm not 100% convinced.

7.  July is crazy town this year.  Lots of camps, lots of travel, lots of shifting schedules.  I "think" it will be awesome, but when I look at my calendar it seems a little nuts, but pretty true to my normal MO.  Next week features Brent in KY with students, B at Science Camp, and then a little Oklahoma site-seeing as a family. Want to meet us at the Stratford Peach Festival?

8.  I made two of these Galette's from the Smitten Kitchen over the 4th and they were huge hits.  It probably would have been better if I had made two more.  Also, Kari makes amazing banana pudding.  I highly recommend it if you have a chance to taste it.

9.  I'm starting to have flickering thoughts about school starting.  Last year, my summer childcare was a hot mess as were all of our various attempts at plans for kids and I was ready for summer to end.  This year, things are going so well that I could just continue this way indefinitely.. Save that I can't.  We're about 90% set on M not going to Kindergarten this year and gifting her another year of childhood.  I have a few mixed feelings, mostly because we don't know what she will do instead, but we're still thinking.  Ideas?  (Yes, I still have to work 5 hours a day and that time is not best spent with electronic friends).

10.  The kids and I were talking about summer things they'd like to do in remaining days and we're thinking maybe Mini-Golf.  Do you all have any summer fun suggestions? Summer is definitely on my mind this week and we're trying to absorb it to the fullest with the small disclaimer that E & I "might" be slightly sick...we are persevering though.  

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