Saturday, August 2, 2014

M's Frozen 5th Birthday Party

This is our beautiful daughter who is very, very nearly 5 years old.  Today, we celebrated with friends, family, and Queen Elsa herself!  But before Elsa arrived, M got her first birthday gifts from us.  Brent & I gave her her long awaited for Elsa dress, crown, and wig.  She loved it and it was so beautiful on her.  She shone all day.  A good dress is really a good thing for girls of any age, I think as is finally getting something you've wished for after months of dreaming.

 First up, M and Elsa had a face painting session. (Ok, at very first she was shy and sort of hid a little, but warmed up quickly).
 As other friends arrived they had face painting turns too, and then it was time for games.  We began with the "freeze" game.  Each child got a roll of streamers and they froze the living room with "ice" for the length of "Let it Go."
 It was tremendously fun and delightfully messy for everyone.
 Then, like Elsa had to unfreeze Arendell, they had to unfreeze our living room before the "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" song ended.  Miraculously, everyone jumped in and had it cleaned up well before the song was over.
 The party was full of happy supporters, parents, friends, Grandparents (and always our shining girl).
 Then, they played hot potato with Olaf for the length of "In Summer." No one could hold him too long or he would melt.  E LOVED the Olaf figure and I foresee one in his Christmas presents :)

Then it was time for the "freeze" dance.  The music played and every one in awhile Brent would pause it and everyone would "freeze" however they were until the music started again.
 During this fun, all the little ladies fit under Elsa's train!
 Then, story time -- Elsa read three or four books before they were ready for cake!

M and I contemplated a reworking of last year's doll cake, but settled on the North Mountain complete with candy ice shards and all her favorite characters. 
 All my cake pictures are from behind so I'm hoping Audra has the opposite side of the table:)  We have lots of cake left, but it seemed popular.
 Next up - presents with plent of help from everyone, including Elsa.

 There were lots of costumes, games, clothes, and frozen toys and dolls to play with for the rest of the party.
 M and Elsa visited her room and her cool new snowflake wall.
 Which happens to be a decent photo back drop.

Our friend Allie is moving on Monday so this will be her last party with us for awhile, but she and we had a great one. 
 Then, time for coloring.  As you might guess we tried to build in all M's favorites - dance, coloring, stories, dolls, cake, presents, etc...
 Things started to get crazy about this time with the left over streamers.  Peter was a good sport though and they even cleaned up again!
 It was time for Elsa to leave with her give of a flower from the gallant young Zane.  He was mostly afraid she would freeze him the entire party, but still thoughtful.
 There was still plenty of party left though.  M played with the cool new dollhouse that B picked out for her.
 The Dr. Richards (aka Brent) presented his own Frozen magic using some of our favorite dry ice experiments.
 M positively loved it and so did the rest of the kids.
 These are Allie's parents, our friends for more than 17 years... They are moving too so today often drifted in to the bittersweet for all of us.

  More experiments though!  Fun with balloons as well as the bubbling water and "mist" which M dubbed pixie dust.
 M was having so much fun.  Loved it.
Daddy gave her more pixie dust as her wings were drooping.  Love this and them.  All the other kids got pixie dust too.  The party began to wind down in to just free play after this.  Lots of costume switches, toys, and silliness.  People began to leave, mostly with food in hand and gift bags. Tracie stayed to play a few more games, watch some Frozen, and read her Goddaughter a few books before bedtime.

M was happy and radiant all day.  It was truly wonderful and everything we had hoped for in her party.  Thanks to all the friends that shared in the day and her 5th year!


Details: We found Elsa via Forever After Parties.

Attendees: Queen Elsa,  M, B, E, Zane, Ro, Ashtyn, Allie, Nate, Kyle, Alesie, Claire, Conor, Riley, Molly, Jenna, Mom, Dad, Scott, Jessie, Tracie, Emily, Audra, Zach, Peter, Bethany, Elke, Rebecca, Granddaddy, Grammie, & Grandma

Food: North Mountain Cake, 4 kinds of ice cream, Frozen Punch, powdered doughnuts & holes, rock candy, mini oreos, cherries, grapes, strawberries, white cheese, crackers, 10 pizzas, carrots (aka Olaf's nose), Frozen muddy buddies (peanut free, of course for E), blue M&Ms, and a bunch of left over goodies from the prior night's party

Goodie Bags: Elsa puzzles, rock candy, blue bubble gum balls, snow flake rings, blue and white swirl glow bracelets, a snow flake ornament.

Special touches - M & I made the big doily banner on the mantle together and the scrapbook pages on the mantle highlight some neat things from the last year. Elsa also gave her a sparkly crown clip.

Favorite gift - Her Elsa costume, followed closely by the cool doll house :)

A very happy full, fun, day for our happy, fun, smart, wonderful girl!

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