Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Vacation 2014: Day 6

Day 6:  After a busy day 5, I opted for the low key relaxed morning approach for Day 6.  Brent had more meetings so after Breakfast at the hotel, the kids and I opted for a swim in the roof-top pool.  At the start, we had it all to ourselves, complete with beautiful blue sky and planes taking off nearby.

For the first 30-45 minutes I water walked with E on my back.  The entire pool is 3ft 6in so he was otherwise limited to the stairs where his siblings were playing.  We enjoyed walking and dancing in the water, but he was quickly too cold so we came out and warmed up on the lounge chairs and watched his siblings play.  Eventually, we headed back down for showers, and a quick change before bidding the Hyatt farewell.
We had lunch outside at the park.  Which was lovely other than the oppressive heat. 
We tried the "Lab" food truck and it was pretty tasty.  M&E fed most of our fries to the nearby pigeons.
Next up: Dallas Museum of Art.  It is free and lots of fun!  Above M is in the creative space working with random materials they provide to make your own artistic creation.
Here M & B are in the main hall drawing sculptures.  They are using items from the kid bags that are easily checked out for free at the main entrance.  Each family may only have one bag, but there were enough supplies to go around.
B also made a creation and donated it to the museum.  It is near his shoulder here and entitled "weird shuttle".  He was quite pleased :)
Time was growing short, but we ventured up to the second floor.  B is interested in sculpture right now so we made sure to see a few different sculpture areas.  E, of course, was a fan of the horse sculpture.
Sculpture terrace--- where we ponder why this sculpture looks like a pokemon ball (obviously).
Time was up for our meter and we needed to head north, but first we stopped back at the food trucks for snow cones and ice cream.
It was a lovely day and hard to bid vacation adieu, but time to return to the real world of work and summer fun in the OKC metro.  Thanks to everyone who shared in our adventure.  We think next year's vacation will be Washington, DC--- which will add whole new dimensions to our travel experience!

Where we went:

Swimming at the hotel
Dallas Museum of Art
Klyde Warren Park

Where we ate:
Breakfast at Hyatt lobby coffee shop
"The Lab" food truck
Cool*Haus - architecturally inspired ice cream food truck
Crazy Fish - a sushi and snow cone themed food truck--- we just had snow cones :)

Where we stayed:

DFW Grand Hyattpaid for by Intel as part of the meetings Brent was attending. Lovely hotel all around. 

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

Didn't I leave J.B and Jangle with you guys to take on the trip? I haven't heard a word about them or seen them in one picture. Did they forget to jump into the suitcase or did they forget to jump out of it? It happens, I know. Just wondering if they made it back in one piece….er…two pieces.


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