Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - M's 5th Birthday - Day in the Life Edition

1.  Today, our Lady M turned 5! Hard to believe, but true.  She awoke to a dozen or so new baloons on her floor and wandered out to discover presents that appeared overnight.  We began the day with family doughnuts.  Somewhere around here, I should have gotten a little suspicious as M didn't really eat hers.... but she was very excited to get to pick them out. 
2.  Other than the morning doughnuts and a breakfast present, per tradition, it was a pretty normal day, spent almost entirely in her Elsa dress, of course.  Her breakfast present was a Periwinkle doll (from the Secret of the Wings).  She seemed fairly confused that it wasn't a Frozen related item.

3.  After I finished work she had play time with the Korenak cousins and then went to the bookstore with Grandma & Aunt Audra to a Ninja Turtle event....sadly no Ninja Turtles were present.  (I took B & E to B's baseball lesson and picked up Brent from work as his car is in the shop).

4.  Then, it was time for the family birthday dinner.  Our tradition has evolved to a friends/family big event style party on the weekend and on the actual birthday we have a fairly tame birthday dinner with our crew + Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Grandparents and sometimes even Great-Grandparents.  Occasionally we even have Godparents or friends that are family, but this time just family.  M requested Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets with ranch---- and ate maybe 4 before heading back to play. The rest of us had watermelon, refrigerator pickles made with cucumbers from our garden, carrots, sugar snap peas, pretzels, chips, yogurt covered raisins, etc... It was very good. 

 5.  Next up - presents!  Clothes.
 LOTS of books and more Frozen things
 Craft supplies
 And a Tinkerbell costume--- she seemed a little confused by this and immediately refused to take off her Elsa dress--- as though we would even ask.
 She also received a crown/earrings set, which is lovely and she looked very regal.

 6.  Cake time - of course we couldn't possibly have the same cake as we had this weekend.  She often picks some sort of fruit cake for her second birthday celebration.  She asked of an encore of the cherry cake from her third birthday party and I was more than happy to oblige.  It was delicious.  She enjoyed the candles and singing... but didn't eat a bit.

 7.  There was some of this.  Snuggling with Daddy is awesome and sweet particularly with our now 5 year old who is delightfully tall and leggy.
8.  There was lots of chatting inside and then the Uncles, cousins, and Kari & Audra head outside to assemble this bounce back thing for B to practice baseball on.  M played a bit with Zane, but it was pretty low key.  I loved watching the Uncles take baseball with B.  He played catch.  M, mostly wandered or hid under the bounce back with Zane.

9.  After everyone went home, M was more snuggly and maybe feverish.  We finally convinced her to take tylenol.  She resisted saying it was "too dry."  She did manage to stay up for a couple books and snuggles with me.  We sang Happy Birthday one more time as she curled in bed.  So, in short the day ended with her first illness of five and hopefully she sleeps it off soon.

10.  Saturday's celebration and really the whole day was amazing, happy, beautiful and radiant. Today was not.  It was a hard stressful day for me juggling all the things between work, home, guests coming, M being cranky, etc.  I started to feel bad about that, but decided to feel really good that we had an awesome day Saturday when she was feeling well.  Today was fine for her, not as magical, but definitely still surrounded in love, fun, and people who think she's amazing.  Five will likely contain its share of both sorts of days and we'll be in them together.  For tonight, I hope she feels better soon and I'm looking forward to many days of magic to come.

As per usual, I intend several more posts in the M's birthday series, but they may come in spurts as time allows. Thanks to everyone who still reads and shares in our adventures.  We love you. 

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