Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ten on Tuesday (ish)

 1.  A big highlight last week for M&E was picking out their birthday gifts using money from Great-Granddaddy.  We still put a portion of it in college savings funds, but they like getting to pick things out and ride the Toys R Us rides.  M selected a baby doll (just like one Kyle has) and an extra outfit for it.  E carried around the tiger and bear he has in this picture for the entire time and then at the last minute picked a large elephant instead?

 2.  Ms. Allison's last day was on Thursday.  We gave her gifts and a sticker filled card from M.  We had a great summer with her.  It is so nice to have someone you know will show up and do a good job everyday. The kids love her and I think we "may" be lucky enough to have her join us again next summer.
 3.  We're, again, taking morning walks/outside time before my work.  Frequently this means trips to the pond to feed the ducks, throw rocks. or play in M's "House" (Find her deep in the willows in the back of the second picture).

 4.  The final day with Ms. Allison featured M in her fairy costume, complete with Tinkerbell hair, and a very fun fort, where B eventually ended up napping --- He and I had a rough day that day and he was not permitted electronics.  Napping was probably the best outcome anyway.
 5.  Four days last week B had short one-on-one baseball lessons.  He at least knows the basis, but has so much more to learn and needs a zillion repetitions so there is muscle memory.  So far, you can still see him mentally checking off boxes as he throws or bats.  We do now have a "pitch back" and base ball tee so he can practice more at home.
6.  LEGO building is happily returning as a favored past time.  E loves to watch and help build almost as much as the big kids.

7.  On Saturday, B had sculpture class at the OK Museum of Art, which was very exciting.  While he was in class, the littles and I played at the Myriad Gardens, including the Thunder Fountain.  Sadly, M got scrapped up pretty badly when she fell, but she persevered.

 8. M, E, and I had a big painting day over the weekend.  I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but painting with kids stresses me out.  I want it to be fun, free, and creative.  Most often it is a hot mess.  See how M's hair is wet? In the first 2 minutes she had green paint all through it.  We worked it out and I even got to paint a few backgrounds for my scrapbooking.

 9.  More scenes from morning walks - The van was in the shop for a day having the battery replaced and some recall checks done.  I walked to Sonic with the kids in the morning.  E is "almost" ready to place his order.  He rides in the wagon for most or all of these walks.  In the second photo you may be able to see that "big Mario" usually joins him on adventures of late.
10.  This morning we went to the farmer's market.  M chose this rocking, sassy outfit.  Love it.  She and I spend an intense amount of time in stubborn -offs this week and she has some bad attitude/interrupting/rudness issues too.  It isn't good, but rest assured I am winning this battle however long that takes.... When we're not arguing though she is tons of fun and totally beautiful!

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