Sunday, September 7, 2014

B plays Baseball

 This week was B's very first baseball game.  Complete with a new jersey and new ball cap.

 He had a great cheering section.  This was the crew in the stands and Daddy and Granddaddy mostly hung out by the dugout. The game didn't start til shortly after 7:30 so it was actually quite lovely weather for a baseball game.
He was excited and just a little nervous. 

Love this. 

The first inning, he was planning left field.  The first hit went out his way.  He went after it and then threw it to second.  Well-played!  It was so neat that he got to field from the very beginning. 

Here he is with Noah, his buddy from Kindergarten, who helped us join his baseball team.  He has one other teammate in his class at school - Adam. 
For the remainder of the game he played right field.  I loved how well he focused and paid attention to the field.  He crouched and was ready for each play, even though not much came his way. 

B was the next to last batter of the evening with two teammates on base.  He hit the first pitch.  It looked initially like it was foul, but apparently it ended up being fair.  He thought it was foul as he didn't notice any other signal, and didn't run, and was tagged out, but not before his teammate scored the team's only run of the game.  He had the first RBI of the season! I was so proud of him standing their waiting for some ensuing confusion about whether he was out and how many outs there were so far to be resolved.  There was only one more batter before the game ended.

He was very happy and so was everyone else.  The game was fun and it was neat to see him out there playing for the very first time.  Noah's dad was so kind and excited with him after the game. I think it will be a good season and I'm glad he's having this new experience. Hooray for new adventures and baseball too!

I just keep thinking how much my Dad would love this...

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