Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ten on Wednesday

 1.  Baseball season continues and with it a lot of backyard practice.  Earlier this week, the littles set up a concession stand/restaurant in the far corner (safe area) of the yard and provided treats to all the attendees.  Very entrepreneurial.  Also, in a miracle for days.  They picked up every piece when they were done and promptly brought them inside!
 2.  M's fun year continues with more hair experiments, more french lessons, and more reading with Daddy.  Of the three, the hair is probably having the most success, but everyone learned their colors in French last week.  This week, we're learning letter "A" words, which is quite a bit trickier, and reinforcing last week's color lessons.

3.  You didn't think I'd leave out the post- curler photos, did you? Here she is all her curly glory.  The front (small) curles stayed rather well, but the back side needs more work + products next time.  

4.  A picture of me! Red letter day-- mostly, I just love that I randomly came up with this side-braid/bun one day last week. The above is after my run, which it gloriously survived.  I loved it!

OKC MOA - Looking up and drawing the glass ceiling

Boats full of glass
 Yes, it is true, we finally took the littles to the OKC MOA.  B has been a couple times now, but I hadn't been brave enough for the glass + a 2 yo.  He did fine, of course.
Another picture of me? Wow.  Meanwhile, cool light art.

 5.  I positively adore that our kids' immediate reaction to art museums is to feverishly begin drawing whatever they see.  It is a compulsion that makes seeing more than a few rooms a bit tricky, but is simultaneously wonderful.  We checked out the little kid art backpack so there was plenty of paper and colored pencils to go around and they just drew everything.  I have a large collection of small drawings that I can't quite part with yet.  I love how they experience and enjoy art and am promising myself to include art museum excursions in our adventures more often.

 6.  Lady M planned Uncle Zach a book-themed birthday party for this weekend.  She put great thought and detail into the plan and ensured that we fully executed it.  My favorites were her insisting on doing the writing on his book cake herself and the glorious streamer tree in the back yard. (You can read more about the party here).
 7.  The Able & Kari Wedding is only 17 days away. Preparations at our house are lagging far behind the always organized Korenak casa.  That said, E's suit arrived.  It is fair to say he doesn't like it, but is also completely adorable.  Next up, Grandma may need to take in his pants a little bit...

 8.  Yesterday, we went to the Neighborhod Night Out.  It had been billed as having a pretzel and a snow cone truck, but one broke down and the other was disappointing.  It was also really hot and we were rushing the whole time to also make it to baseball on time.  The games were pretty fun though :)

Just before the neighborhood adventure I'd had the pleasure of an hour or so spent with my dear friend Mary who is grieving for her Grandma.  She is amazing and I feel so luck to share life's journey with her in the midst of all the crazy, it was especially wonderful.
 9.  This guy likes to hang out and watch the clock in the mornings to make sure he leaves for the bus on time.... The upside is that we get extra morning talking time, which I adore.  He's a cool cat. In the evenings, if he doesn't have baseball he has been running down the street to a friend's house.  I'm happy for him, but kinda missing him too so the morning chats are especially good.
10.  Today, E, M, & I went on a walk/run down the block in the cool afternoon just before the rain while B was at his friend's house.  M can run pretty much the whole way, but E needs to stop and rest a little or walk and investigate before his next sprint.  It was lovely and we made it home just before the sprinkles started.

PS.  Saturday is the OKC Spice Shop's 2nd Anniversary Celebration and Pie Contest.  If you are entering a pie bring it by 11:30 or just drop by anytime during the day to enjoy free pie, punch, and spice shop fun as we celebrate a wonderful year together!

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