Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monster Mash 2014!

This year, the Korenaks joined us for Monster Mash at the Myriad Gardens Pumpkinville.  It was a beautiful (if somewhat hot) evening with lots of kids and fun.  I love this pic of Zach and Ro (and borrowed it from Audra's blog where you can get her pictures and view of the evening). 
We began by meeting up on the terrace for hot dogs, chips, witches brew and some running around before heading in for the main event. 
 There were a lot of small spidermen at this party so Audra, Zach, and sometimes Brent and I had a hard time trying to keep up wiht which speedy spiderman was Zane!
 Yes, a ballerina on a tractor! (If you are counting, I believe this is costume #3 for lady M)
 There are lots of photo opportunities.

 The kids and Uncle Brent spent a lot of time climbing up and sliding down this "slide." I think they would have spend all evening there, but there was also a juggler, story/play performances, soccer, candy being handed out, pumpkin tic tac toe and bowling, crafts, books being read, pumpkins to paint, etc....
 And lots of spinning.

 Here are our three up high and looking Halloween ready.

Here is our party pic of all five of us!

This is not a spooky Halloween party, just a fun eating, playing, and having fun together one.  The kids left treat bags and happy memories.

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