Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week in the Life 2014: Wednesday

I woke up at 6:15 to very insistent banging noises from the monitor.  The big kids were still asleep (and required to stay in their room until 6:30.  I snuggled E for about 45 minutes before other people appeared.  Then Brent helped the bigs through breakfast and we snuggled. 

I am not an early morning person and coffee is part of my routine.
So is packing backpacks.  The big kids have a lot of responsibility for theirs, but E needs to have his packed.  This particular day involved two lunches (the number ranges daily from 1-3). This is our station for backpacks and the red folders above are for Sunday School.
I was a little sleepy and realized nearly 10 minutes after B left that I'd sent him to the bus stop in 43 degree weather with no jacket.  M and I ran him one and he was happier.
M, meanwhile, was prepared for a blizzard.
There goes the bus!
M wasn't really loving the getting out the door to school process, but some days are like that.

I am working on making healthy more whole foods and decided to make these Lentil Ricotta "meatballs" for dinner.  So during my lunch break I made ricotta (seriously, it takes no time) and set the lentils to boil. The good news is that the myfitnesspal ap lets you import recipes using the url and get the nutrition data, which made this great. 
Picked up the kids and got the car washed (sunny day + NPR)

E was tired.  He sobbed because I told him we were going to play outside.  Illogical and too tired.  He took a nap for the next couple hours.

M and I played outside for an hour or so until B arrived.
I spent some time looking for signs of fall and light.
M and I built a fairy house of leaves and berries.

Love this silly face - so him.  Glad I had my camera to capture it.

B arrived and we spent the better part of 1/2 an hour playing soccer.  B took some pics of me, which I like. 
Sun is starting to sink.

I checked on E.  He was doing donkey kicks in his bed.  He is, of course "Mr. Two Blankets" and insisted both blankets and Mario come with him.  I started to make dinner while the kids folded clothes and then played. 

Minecraft - of course!

Dinner!  I thought the lentil meatballs were really good.  
These two were having babies.
Look how tall E is!  He can now turn on his lights as well.
After dinner, M and I played in her dollhouse (she mostly plays and tells me stories while I watch).
The boys played minecraft.

E joined M and I for dollhouse adventures.
This door seems to always be open, and mostly be chaotic, but here it is today. Miraculously, everyone has winter coats now so I doubt it will be a cold winter. 

I did baths today (unusual) while Brent played with the kids. It was a fun switch. 

E loves his evening milk and Mario time. Brent read all the books this evening. I mostly snuggled E.  The kids went to sleep easily.

Brent has some computer issues, but did finally get to play games online with Gavin.  I did some scrapbooking and planning for today after my evening walk.

It was a calm, quiet evening at home which is almost unusual here :)  The craziness will certainly pick up by the weekend.

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