Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December Daily: Day 15 - Cookies & Cards

Day 15 - This may take a little explaining.  We used to live in DC, but then 6.5 years ago we moved to OK.  I still work for the same place in DC.  Each year, I send my office Christmas Cards and cookies.  The goal is for the cookies to arrive by the day of the holiday party.  Most years it manages to work out, but this year they may be slightly late.  

This year's cookies include a molasses spice version and "World Peace" cookies (recipe is by Dorie Greenspan).  Cards go to everyone in my office and a few other favorites around campus.  They typically pin the cards to their bulletin boards and, I hear, look at them while they talk to me on the phone.  It is kind of cool to find these cards in their offices when I visit DC.  Not as good as getting to go to the parties, but fun nonetheless.

Crafting notes - Very simple today, one photo with minimal embellishment, a bit of a glittery date and coordinating embellishments below.  I did think the stamp embellishments were a good choice for mailed goodies and I have lots of them left so on they go!  Sadly, photos are taken at night so a bit hard to read. 

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