Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. A lot has been going on  since I last did a 10 on Tuesday and a lot will keep going. I've just picked some random images and am going to add them here with a tiny bit of text and hope for the best.  Above is our annual November play day with the Wainrights.  We ice skated, played games, ate, talked, and made boxes for project Christmas Box.  Great fun!

 2. Happily Jamie picked my my camera and took lots of great images at the Rouse/Richards family Thanksgiving.  I, for some reason, am not great at taking lots of pictures at events, but love discovering ones others have taken.  Feel free to pick up my camera anytimes.

3.  On Friday, we'd planned an afternoon of fun downtown, but discovered around 11 or so that my Grandpa was really sick.  There were hours of text messages and confusion, but ultimately we went ahead and rode the carousel at the Myriad Gardens, shopped the sale at the Spice Shop, and had dinner together before texting and wondering some more.

4.  Grandpa ultimately had an appendectomy at OU.  He is slowly recovering as one does at 89 years old.  Thoughts and prayers appreciated for him and for his care givers.

5.  So on Saturday, we shifted in to prep mode and did a lot of shopping, cooking, baking, cleaning,etc... We also did a little family bike ride/run around the neighborhood.  At about 2/3 of the way through my foot started to cramp a little and B's chain came off his bike so we called it a day and walked home together.

6.  On Sunday, we had a great Thanksgiving celebration here.  Everything was delicious.  I was partial to the pies this year and less so the stuffing and gravy, which I normally love.  I did like having the turkey fried.  It is so much less heat inside and less fussing in the kitchen.  Grandma taught B how to repair his bike chain, Aunt Audra helped M plant bulbs in freezing weather, and the men drank beer on the patio and watched the turkey cook.  Good times.

7.  On Sunday evening, Brent, E, and I were feeling less awesome and quite exhausted.  I pulled it together enough to prep advent calendars before going to bed.  E woke up around 5 and Grandma sent him our way.  He attempted to snuggle/sleep with me for a couple hours.  Brent was also sick and not sleeping well so he and E ended up staying home and E's doctors visit ended with antibiotics for an ear infection.  I worked around them and it was a crazy day.

8.  I alluded to this in my December Daily post earlier, but B finally has a spanish tutor.  She seems lovely and like she knows what she is doing.  They got along well and he is learning quickly.  It is so very cool.  M continues with French and is currently trying to memorize a song or two this week, which is great as she learns well from songs.

9.  My new laptop is great, but we're still in the adapting phase where I have to set up folders for everything and convince my phone to send pictures here.  So far, it seems less than enthusiastic about sending my photo stream this way, which is why there are no/few iphone photos this week.

10. Tomorrow is the "Jingle Mingle" at the Myriad Gardens and date night for Brent and I.  I think we could both us the break.  We're very glad Grammy and Granddaddy can pop in and play for a couple hours while we relax.

Thanks to everyone for their help this week and patience while we work through all the things going on right now. 

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