Thursday, January 29, 2015

B's 8th Birthday Party

Ok, this is "one" of B's 8th Birthday parties.  Our tradition is to have both a family party and a friends party.  This is the "friends" party.  B chose to have his party at Laser Quest again this year.  He did chose a new theme, after two years of Skylanders.  This year - Minecraft!  Brent designed him a custom invite and I, miraculously, managed to actually mail the invite as soon as school resumed.  This seemed to result in substantially better attendance than last year's last minute scramble (who knew)!

His first photo was less enthusiastic.  This was the duress/super excited smile.
 Brent & Uncle Zach play with the boys and tower over them. They played two rounds of laser tag and Brent won one.  He was very excited.  B's best finish this year was fourth and he was happy with that too.
 For some reason, the birthday person gets shot with toilet paper as part of the festivities.  This does not seem fun to me, but the boys love it.  Hilarity inevitably ensues.
 B happily smiling at his crew and emerging from TP.
 B happy with friends - this photo is an interesting mix as the friends here include one from the neighborhood/bus, one from his class, and one from way back in Pre-K who remains his best friend.

 Ready for round 2! I am do glad Zach and Brent were both there to go in with them.  11 boys and I just feel better with a couple adults around in the chaos (especially when I'm not one of them).  That said, Brent & Zach seemed to have a great time too.
 Minecraft cake - this is a cake made to look like the cake in minecraft.  Yes, it is a little wonky, but close.  Thanks to Brent & Tracie for their assistance in pulling this off.  (Yes, rulers were involved, if you can imagine.)
 Brent basking in his win :)
 B randomly had a hard time blowing out his candle.  Possibly because of all the giggling.
 Happy friends.
 The boys really wanted him to open presents.  He was very happy with his presents -  they were mostly LEGOs, Minecraft, or Minecraft LEGOs. He got a very cool outdoor toy too that he plays with daily.
The final three boys had a little bit of time to play with the Minecraft animals in their gift bags.  IT was nice.

It was great fun.  B seemed very happy and up.  Lots of his buddies were there and they had a good time together even though not all of them knew each other or normally hang out.  It was a good time for our great guy.

Party Design Notes:
I really was happy with the gift bags for once.  Instead of junk, I bought some slightly more expensive sets and broke them up.  The bags included one minecraft animal each from this set. Small bundles of twizzlers labeled TNT, Paper animals - I split up this pack so each kid got two paper items to make and we made enough copies of the instructions so each person had the instructions for their items. We also included one of these Minecraft pins--- I think we could have done without these, but it was an impulse buy. Otherwise, decorations were minimal as the site provides paper goods, we just added pizza, powerade, cake, and green table cloths.  I 

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