Thursday, January 29, 2015

B's B-day Party (Take 2)

 Part one of B's Birthday celebrations were on the 17th.  Part 2, was on his actual bday.  We began with doughnuts for his class (and a few extra for at home).
The cake for part 2 is also different.  B didn't like the frosting on the first cake so I tried some new options.  The fudge frosting was phenomenal and I would absolutely use it (or, um, eat it out of the bowl).  The Green "grass" frosting was Ok, but probably not one I'll try again.  This time, B created a scene using his minecraft animals and some special candies we'd purchased for the occasion that tie in to the minecraft theme (you would find "melon" in the game as well as rocks (chocolate here).  The twizzlers are again being TNT, sixlets were the diamond materials, and in the background are hershey nuggets standing in for gold and iron ore).  The watermelon candies were highly sought after by the kids and probably should have bought a few more.
 Dinner, as chosen by B, was primarily corn dogs (from Sonic), Macaroni and Cheese, and Sunchips.  His Aunts helpfully brought fruits and vegetables so we had a few healthier options.
 Present opening with five kids helping is tons of fun.

 He was super excited about this particular Skylander set for reasons that eluded most of us other than Brent.  It is a "Light" element set and "Light" was just added as an element in the most recent edition of Skylanders so he's never had a "Light" element Skylander before...the more you know?
He is also obsessed with the watch Grandma B game him and plays with it constantly.  He is consistently marking off days on the Minecraft calendar from the Korenaks, proudly wearing his Creeper Backpack (from the Richards Grandparents) to school, and practicing magic thanks to Able & Kari.
 Blowing out candles/being sung too always makes B a bit nervous.  We did it twice for extra excitement as Able & Kari missed the first round.  He managed to survive and maybe like it despite himself.

And then we hung out, ate cake and orange sherbet and congratulated him on being a wonderful, very loved 8 year old. 

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