Friday, February 13, 2015

Five on Friday

Random Favorites this week:

1. Sergei Polunin dances to " Take Me to Church" by Hozier - I thought this was lovely, the space, and the dancing.  The fact that he is doing it on stone floors is a little scary, but the light and beauty is amazing.

2. When I'm on travel Come on Get Higher (Matt Nathanson) starts all my runs and is frequently in the mix here too.  Brent and I don't have a song per se, but this one definitely reminds me of him.  (Yes, Valentine's Day romance is swirling and I am still listening to songs from 5+ years ago).

3. Embodiment Running Tights - by Athleta - Love these.  My most recent running tights purchase and a return to my long-time favorite running apparel company.  I've drifted a bit because their stuff is rarely on sale and kind of expensive, but really, it is worth it and these are on sale.  Hooray!

4. Buxom Lip Gloss - I'm not even sure what shade I have (maybe blushing pink?), but it was a gift from Jamie last year and my go to on this trip. I wore it alone and with lipstick depending on what I was up to.  Feels great and is a nice shimmer.

5. Bound Hearts Bracelet - Brent bought me this for Christmas with five hearts - two big, and three small in between.  I've been wearing it nearly daily of late.  Love it. 

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