Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

 1.  This is me on my last day in DC with my good buddy and colleague Will.  Will and I have been working together since about 2003, if you can imagine.  A lot of people have come and gone during that time, but this small team has stuck.  We're now so in sync that we match.  Notice that the pink stripes on my dress match the pink stripes in his tie.  (Yes, this was accidentally, but very amusing on a tough day).
 2.  This is the view from outside my office in DC as I began my journey home.  This was a hard trip psychologically for a variety of reasons, most of which I can't talk about (see attorney-client privilege).  I can say that I still love my team, my job, and, strangely enough, find that I really like being a lawyer despite years of protest that lasted well in to law school including many tears about not wanting to be one.  I just am, it is right for me and I'm good at it. This week, I was presented some options that would put me in a non-lawyer role and that made me surprisingly sad even though the alternate role would be awesome in many ways.  Ok, this is just too vague.
 3.  I returned to my fashion plate daughter.  Her outfits, on average, are less bizarre and very fashionable these days.  Sometimes I wish I could be as creative and fashionable as my 5.5yo.  Although, in fairness, the dress in the first picture received rave reviews in person.
 4.  Watch out Martha Graham lady M is heading your way (follow the link if this doesn't sound make sense). 
 5. This week is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week. My nephew Zane was born with tetralogy of fallow - basically four anatomical anomalies of the heart.  He had his repair at 4 months old and is a energetic 4yo now.  My sister is telling their story and hoping promote CHD awareness-- see her blog for more.  I ran in the virtual Roar 'N Run Race to help promote CHD Awareness.  The above is me with my medal on Sunday and wearing read to help with awareness too.
 6.  These guys have been playing with each out out doors as much as possible in the beautiful weather and having a blast.  So silly and fun!
7.  See how big this guy looks? How about those chocolate brown eyes? Yeah, not a baby, definitely a little boy, but a little boy who wants lots of cuddles at the moment, which I'm happy to provide.

8.  On Sunday, we took the entire family to the OKC Philharmonic's Discovery series orchestra concert.  It was awesome.  45 minutes of a blend of music they recognize (Frozen and Beauty & the Beast) and some others they don't know, but that are quite famous.  There was, again, a good mix of dancers, actors, choral work, etc... supplementing the music and adding more action.  Everyone did great, even E.  It was a risk to take him at his nap time and after sitting still in mass in the morning.  He did wander back and forth between Brent and I a bit, but it was fine int his context as everyone was a bit wiggly and not the normal totally quiet orchestra situation.  Hooray for family music time!

9.  B is now reading a book that is 562 pages long.  So far this year, even though I've read maybe 10 books already, none of them have been that long. I am, of course, reading this one with him as well (It is the first book in another of the Percy Jackson related series).  The books also seem to make him want to learn Greek now that he has discovered that there is a whole other alphabet.  He has put that on his list for after he learns Spanish.  I'm dubious, but go B.  We're going to at least let him hear some Greek and learn a few phrases when we visit our friend Evan this summer who is originally from Greece.  He is also learning a fair bit of Greek and now Roman mythology.  Very interesting books!

10.  This week, we're working on Valentines (B's are homemade, the other kids picked from the store selection), going to LOCAL one last time, prepping for class parties, keeping up with my running and work, and getting ready for a few more family birthdays coming up.  Most of us have Monday off so perhaps we'll find a little mini adventure and have that to share soon.

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