Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  B is doing his biography research poster on Thomas Edison.  I've enjoyed learning more about Edison as well.  He chose Edison because he invented the light bulb, and he did, but that inventing the infrastructure to go with the light bulb was a big societal change, not to mention the many other inventions during his life.

2. Brent's Birthday was this weekend.  We celebrated with a big family dinner, brunch, and a whole lot of playing games and hanging out.  It was good times. I think this was the 16th Birthday I've celebrated with him, which is pretty neat.  We perhaps should have done a little more prep for the week to come, but after a crazy Monday it all worked out.

3.  In a surprising turn of events on Saturday I both ran and went to yoga.  Very cool to get to do that and have that kind of time.  E, meanwhile, took up the task of brushing M's hair.  Very cute.

4.  My trip to DC today took about 11 hours--- including 4 hours stuck in the Charlotte airport when my connecting flight was cancelled. I used the time to get a pedicure, have my eye brows waxed, eat sushi, take a 30 minute walk, and do a conference call with my office as well as talking to my siblings and Brent.  Not my most productive day ever though.

5.  In DC, I was lucky enough to have dinner with Scott Hopper who is visiting for some FAA training for his job. As I have not really prepared for this trip nearly as much as usual it was a serendipity that he was here to have dinner with and talk to.

6.  Thanks to Able, Audra, Mom, Brent, Bill, and Marilyn for all the help this week with the kids.  For some reason it seems like there are more logistics and things due this week than usual.  M is so excited about play days with Audra and Grandma :)

7.  M's half birthday is on Thursday.  We took cupcakes to her class Monday (which I very nearly forgot to make).  She decorated each cupcake after I frosted it with sprinkles from our stash. I highly recommend that moms keep a few kinds of sprinkles around for emergencies such as these. I don't think these were quite the my little pony themed cupcakes she was hoping for, but she rolled with it, which I greatly appreciate.

8.  Sunday is the Discovery Kids Orchestra concert in OKC. I highly recommend it.  The concert is only 45 minutes long and quite varied to keep everyone interested.  Hope to see you there!

9. I am reading Mr. Penumbra's 24 hour book store - this trip.  So very very entertaining.  For moms with young kids (nearing school aged) you may want to read Big Little Lies -- definitely some mom characters I recognized in there. I also just finished First Frost - a little magically, but mostly about family.  B and I have also just finished the first five Percy Jackson books, which were quite good I think.  Yes, I'm in a "reading phase." There tend to be cycles in which I'm reading the stories and cycles when I'm telling them.

10.  In a birthday related milestone, Brent requested a doughnut cake for his birthday and very specifically requested that I buy, not make the doughnuts.  OK, here is a doughnut cake with 36 doughnuts from his last day of being 36.  It was a very popular and cute cake :)  http://instagram.com/p/yishg-BzsT/

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