Friday, March 6, 2015

Five on Friday

1.  Where the Boys Are - This website created by moms of boys.  They share monthly photos and brief posts about life in households with only sons and that shared experience. I am not a "pure" boy mom as I have a daughter who changes every dynamic, but I still love this site and as many of you are "boy moms" I wanted to pass it along.

2. Krochet Kids - A very cool organization empowering women in South America and making cool clothes too.  Check out their website and read more about from Rebecca Woolf who recently visited the headquarters in Lima. (Hint - they make adult clothes and accessories too).

3. St. Patrick's Day - my kids are loving their new "Irish" Shirts from Children's Place and deem them soft and cozy (also they are $5) so if you are in the market check these out. Has anyone in OKC been to the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Bricktown? My last such parade was in Dublin and not particularly kid friendly so thought I'd poll the crowd.  (This year's parade is March 14th at 11am in Bricktown.)

4. Olive Us - Have you ever watched these cool kids from the Blair family? They have a series of really well produced short movies about their various adventures both here and from when they lived in France for a little while.  They are beautifully produced and way less chaotic than anything my kids do in real life, but definitely enjoyable.  They are typically in English, but this Little Red Riding Hood video in French is popular at our house too.

5. Edmond Parks & Recreation - (Or Parks & Rec wherever you live) - B is currently taking Archery lessons at Edmond Parks & Recreation which has allowed us lots of time to read up on the huge list of courses they offer. I, of course, want to sign them up for "all the things."  M finally found some things she wants to try......each of which she would need to be 6 to do, obviously.  Her current requests are Irish Dance Lesson (Yippeee!), Mommy and me sewing, and Pottery class.  We shall begin taking one or two of those when she is six in August and/or find other comparable classes she could take elsewhere that are open to 5yos.  There are a selection of classes for kids 2-5, that sound quite lovely too as well as a wide range of camps for kids and adults.  We're planning on signing B up for LEGO Mindstorms camp this summer so he can build LEGO robots.  Of course, we also plan to sign up for summer swimming lessons at Pelican Bay through the city as well.  A great fun resource with plenty of one day or one month options.  Check it out!

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