Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

 1.  After spice shopping on Sunday afternoon we and the Korenaks had a pizza party at the Wedge, which was also an awesome place for tree climbing. I love the random every day adventures that come with living near our family!
 2.  This guy wants to go see the elephants, but is snuggling and talking about his "giant" elephant a lot in the meantime. We will NOT be making the rookie mistake of going to the OKC Zoo anytime in the next two weeks as it is spring break for OKCPS and that is lunacy. (Yes, I've done it many time before, but I have learned!)
 3.  Home improvement project are back on the radar as they are every March, for some reason.  Last year sometime I broke a small piece of trim on the garage door area by trying to back out with the hatch open.  Fixing that small piece of trim now involves a zillion steps including discovering the need to scrape all the caulk out from around the garage and replace it.  This step is at the beginningz and many steps later the trim will be replaced and all the blue/gray areas repainted.... it will probably take forever even though it seems easy.  Home improvement projects are not our forte.
 4.  This guy was very snuggly when he woke up this morning and I loved every bit of it.
 5.  It rained yesterday and M spent a portion of yesterday and today attempting to rescue the earth worms.  Love that.
 6.  Yesterday, we randomly happened on to the Korenaks at Target which resulted in awesome Big Hero 6 family movie night at the Korenak casa.  Loved it!
 7.  The reading addiction remains strong with this one.  He reads constantly in the car, at night, and anytime he can't have electronics......
 8.  I took pictures at 7am and 7pm today as part of a memory keeping project for the Story class/kit with Ali Edwards.  Here is me at 7am.  My sister hates me because I often am asleep at 7am, but c'est ma vie.  It is an interesting picture to have.
 9.  This evening, B had archery and then baseball practice.  The little kids and I came home after dropping him off with Brent at the batting cages.  M largely taught E how to ride his scooter while I worked on the house.

10. M and I watched the OU v. FL gymnastics meet (sitting right behind the subsequently more famous than usual President Boren).  It was a spectacular night and OU pulled out a win.  Definitely seemed to perform their very best, which is awesome. I also had a very goo time with M.  She is a great adventure companion.  Today, she had adventures with Grandma and the Korenaks so she is having a very good week!

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