Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday

1. OKC Parks and Recreation - Last week, I linked to Edmond's Parks and Recreation, but OKC has a lot going on too.  This link is mostly the garden/nature  related activities but they are awesome.  Fairy tour of an OKC Park and then building fairy gardens, yes, please.

2. Oklahoma Standard - This is that incredible sense of community, reaching out, helping our neighbors, and doing everything we can to be of service to those in need that was seen internationally following the OKC Murray Bombing almost 20 years ago.  In April, as part of the rememberance of that event we're being asked to commit to acts of honor, service, and kindness. I ask you to join me and others in OK in this endeavor.
3. Stitch Fix - (referral link) - Stitch Fix is like a personal shopper service that mails you clothes.  You input your size, style, color, and overall preferences and they send you 5 items.  So long as you buy at least one of them the styling fee is waived.  If you buy everything in the box there is a s25% discount.  Jamie gave me a gift card to Stitch Fix for Christmas and I've been wanting to try it, but barely meet their sizing requirements.  This week, I decided to give it a shot as I really would like to have more put together clothes that I actually like and get rid of those I don't or that don't make me feel good wearing them.  The nature of telecommuting lets me be a bit more relaxed in what I wear, but I do feel better when I am more pulled together.  I will let you know how the test goes and please use that link if you want to try it as I'll get a little referral credit for future experimenting :)

4. Homemade Naan - I admit, I had been buying Naan periodically at Target and cringing at the price for two pieces.  I recently made this crockpot indian butter chicken and took the plunge to making my own naan. I don't think this is a terribly authentic recipe (my mom will I'm sure provide one soon) but it was easy and OH so good.  Try it, we won't be going back to store bought.
Santorini, Greece - via

5.Santorini, Greece - My brother and his lovely wife are having a belated European honey moon.  While I'm not at a place where I can jet off to Europe for two weeks at the moment I've been pondering where I would go if I could.  Italy and the south of France are high on my list, but so is Greece.  Looks like I have the Mediterranean on my mind.  Isn't this picture lovely?  Where would you go if you had two weeks to vacation?

Cinq Terre, Italy via
South of France via Audreylovesparis on tumblr

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