Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  The post is late and all the images are our of order.  My apologies.  Above, M, her Cinderella barbie, Grammie, Granddaddy, B, and I went to see Cinderella on Sunday afternoon.  It was beautifully done and we had a wonderful time. 
2.  These two are very entertaining and sat by this fence "talking" and working on the lawn mower for a surprisingly long time. When they are getting along it is the cutest.  We've had a bit of a crazy week with E who has gone from great, to sick, and now moved on to crazy. Yes, pretty much the norm for 2. 
 3.  It is garden time. I am mightily resisting planting things yet as it never works out.  M & Z started turning over the dirt on Saturday.  Yesterday, Brent made a tremendous amount more progress in the most thorough digging and mixing of the garden since its inception.  He is also gradually removing a lot of crab grass roots, which I greatly appreciate.  Things are more lovely in the front yard where one tree on a few daffodils have begun to bloom.  Bring on Spring!
 4.  Home improvement projects have begun.  Zach/Able had agreed to gift me with the present of framing the mirrors in our bathrooms for Christmas.  Able is wandering Europe, but Zach stepped up and put the frames up with Brent this weekend. They probably need some touch up paint before the project is officially finished, but we're very close.  Thanks so much to Zach and Brent for this project!
 5.  On Monday, I went to Rod Gongoll (aka Grant's Dad's) funeral with Audra.  It was a tough day. It was followed by a tough night during which E refused to sleep hardly at all (and therefore neither did I). I used to be able to handle that better. Now I am old(er) and do not. I also seemed to be getting a cold so I was pretty worthless on Tuesday.  We took M to French lessons, but after that Brent worked from home to help out as I was barely functional and eventually went to sleep around 8pm.  Sadly, not much St. Patrick's Day celebrating, but we did break out the awesome shirts!
 6.  In better news, on Sunday, I completed what was likely my longest run to date and did not feel like dying. It was a beautiful day and it all went fine.  Tonight, I ran "short" just under 2.5 miles which is half as long as my planned run for Sunday, which in my semi sick/allergy plagued state seems slightly impossible, but we'll see.  So glad that I at least feel like the running is improving.  Less than 6 weeks to the race!
 7.  After my funeral adventures with Audra, I met up with Brent and several of M's friends for the long anticipated play date.  They had settled on Mitch park, which worked well, but was crazy windy.  In fairness, it is OKlahoma so it is pretty often crazy windy.  To my surprise, E is now able to climb the climbing wall just find with out my assistance.  He's a big guy now or a tiny dog depending on when you ask.
 8.  He also has discovered the Ukulele and is a big fan.  B is helping him a bit and so am I, but he may be a bit young for much instruction beyond keeping the instrument safe :)

9.  After two days of Spring break that only involved normal school week things (French lessons, Spanish lessons, baseball practice) and hanging out at home it seemed like we needed to venture out in to the world even if I had no energy.  So, I noticed the Mexican Folkloric dancers were performing at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum and headed that way.  The kids sat right up front on the floor for the performance and seemed to really enjoy it or at least pay rapt attention.  B tried to parse out some of the occasional random Spanish phrases and the ladies and a few gentlemen did an awesome job.  They were very appreciative performers as several of them came up to us  afterwards and thanked us for coming and being such a great audience.  Hooray!

10.  Yes, my Great-Grandparents and Grandparents to an extent pretty much embody Oklahoma's western heritage, but I hadn't worked up the moxy to take the kids to this particular Museum previously although it has been on the list forever and we have been to the festival on the grounds before.  The kids seemed to enjoy it.  We looked over some art and compared it to Monet and types of art we know. I admired some very nice otter sculptures that reminded me of the Okeene library and then on to the "somewhat creepy" wild west town.  It was meant to look like it was dusk in there, but was kind of spooky and there weren't that many people.  We did see B's sunday school teacher in there though.  Then, we went out to the Children's Corral building.  The favorites were these saddles and a little campsite where they pretended to sleep and feed each other. The grounds were extremely nice including many water features and, to my surprise, quite a lot of horse graves.  We wandered all over outside and were there a solid 2 hours before anyone mentioned leaving, which we consider a success.  Remaining museums in the metro on our bucket list are: Banjo Museum (might go Friday), Oklahoma History Center, and Oklahoma Bombing Memorial... not sure if they or I am ready for the last one yet, but someday. Any other recommendations for exploring our area are appreciated.

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Audra said...

I want to go to the bombing memorial museum before the race. We could go together without our children :)


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