Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1.  Our house has not yet sold.  There is only a week left, roughly, on the contingency on the new house.  So, that's stressful.

2.  I am in DC for the next few days.  It is always great to be back.  I think I've made roughly 25 trips since moving back to OK.  Is that possible? It will always be my home away from home and, yes, I still truly love my job.

3. I failed to tell my friends I was coming this trip until this afternoon as I've been so wrapped up in house issues in my spare time at home.  Luckily, I think I'll get to meet a friend for dinner tomorrow anyway.  This evening, I went for a run instead, and it was quite lovely.

4.  We hung out at the farm on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom.  E is totally in love with her new fountain, which is perfectly his size.

5 . Grandma's house is tremendously more fun than our house with lots of adventures, pirate treasure hunts and wild animals.

6.  On Saturday, we had lunch with Brent's parents and walked around outside the new house again.  Still love it.  Then, we went to the Science Museum with a bunch of our friends.  Can you spot all of our kids in this photo? It was particularly nice to get to spend some time with the Palfreymans, who now live in FL.
7. When we packed up our house almost every book went in the storage unit.  We've all  been going a little crazy with our now, more limited, book selection so we made a big trip to the library between storms to replenish our choices.  They still love the library lizard.

8. Baseball is still happening intermittently.  Most of the games have been rained out and rescheduled of late, but I'm told they actually got to play today.  I'm less optimistic about tomorrow's game actually happening, but we shall see!  In good new, B still loves it and his 2nd grade teacher came to the game tonight so it was extra special.

9.  M amazes me more all the time.  She is so much more grown up and self-sufficient than even in the fall.  She will sit quietly and do all of her home school work without any supervision or complaint.  It is amazing.  Her reading also seems to have taken another leap, which is extra cool.  It is hard believe that next week is her last MDO program, but she is definitely ready for the next big step.  I think she will miss her fun family days like today when she gets to go on adventures with Grandma and Aunt Audra, but I'm sure we'll work them in somewhere around her school schedule next year.

10.  E continues to potty train sort of ? Sigh.  Otherwise, he is completely adorable, talking in full sentences, and still delightfully affectionate.  Tonight on the phone he told me he had gotten to have Gatorade at the baseball game no less than a dozen times.  Love that snuggly boy.

Thanks again to everyone who is helping out while I'm in DC.  I so appreciate all the extra support and love for our kids and our family. 

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