Tuesday, August 18, 2015

WITL 2015 - Monday

Welcome to Week in the Life 2015!  If you've never been part of the week in the life experience, you can read more about it from its originator Ali Edwards here.   In short, for one week a year, we chronicle our lives in a very conscious, thoughtful way in an attempt to capture what life is like right now.  We're talking basic simple every day life, not "events," just living.  Ali picks a week provides worksheets and inspiration and every one documents in their own way. I think this is my 7th year.  Rarely these days does my documenting make it off my blog in to printed for for this particular project, but I'm totally OK with it and think it is a valuable documenting project and experience in any form.  Want to join me? You can start now and have your week run through next Tuesday. I, for example, kind of forgot it was this week until I saw some photos on instagram so our day begins around 9:20 in these photos. 

 This is an interesting week to document as it includes the last days of summer vacation and the first days of school.  Monday was information day at the new elementary school.  Everyone was sleeping in, but we finally got rolling, dropped E off at Audra's, bought one last folder and headed in to become timber wolves (the school mascot).

Yes, I took zero pictures in the new school. Oops? Here they are after meeting M's teacher, getting new timber wolf head gear and tshirts,, bus info, lunch money, etc.  We learned a teacher and administrator from B's old school work at the new school now.  We didn't find out who his teacher is as they aren't sure about class sizes yet.  This has happened before and he was cool with it.  He did note how happy all the teachers here seem, which is encouraging. 
E played with Ro and Zane while we did all the officials things and they were happy to see us.  It was about 11 or so and I volunteered to treat everyone to lunch at the Cow Calf Hay, one of our favorite spots. 

Typically, I take less posed shots during WITL, but was still finding my groove and who doesn't love a bunch of happy kids and half a cow?

Our newphew Zane (right front) is learning about functioning without naps and decided to join us for the day's adventures while his brother napped.  So, off I went with four kids.  We stopped to pick up socks for bouncin' craze and someone of course thought they were all mine :)

 We spent about 1.5 hours at bouncin' craze.  It might have been shorter, but I ran in to a mom from the baseball team and had a nice chat while they played.
 We left around 1:30.  M saw another woman there with WITL worksheets.  It was awesome.  Sadly, we didn't get to talk to her as she was deep in conversation elsewhere during our time at boucin' craze.
 I had asked the kids what things they wanted to do before the end of summer and doughnuts was a top answer.  They specifically wanted doughnuts at Krispy Kreme near our old house so off we went.   They got the most incredibly sugary confections they could think of. I talked to one of the possible contractors for the backyard repairs while they ate.  Then Audra called as Ro was missing his brother and we set a rendezvous at my house in 20 minutes.   (Zane vomited on the way there, miraculously in a bag. I was told this is normal for him and the day continued).

At home, my sister and I did some paper work together while the kids played.  We attempted to go to two different pools, but both were closed as it was Monday.... (Somewhere in here B lost his mind briefly and his electronic privileges for the day... but that is a less fun story). 

 We did find a splash pad and the kids had a good time.  We've been meaning to visit all summer so I'm counting it as a last week of summer success.
I got to chat with Audra, which is always a treat.  (Hint, if you hang out with me during WITL your picture will be taken---- I feel my friend Tracie consciously not calling me until after the week is over :))

At home, it is about 5:30 or so - I made dinner including grilled chicken with pumpkin coconut curry pasta.  I'm trying to use the grill more, here's hoping I succeed. 

Dinner is usually around 6 these days.  It is usually not that much fun as M & E are not good about eating what we're having.  E cried most of dinner because he was hungry---yes,. while food was in front of him.  He missed his nap in all that fun and was highly irrational. 

After dinner, there are usually chores before relaxing time, most frequently they include dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. 

 After dinner, Brent helped M learn how to play Minecraft a bit more by herself.
 B had lost his electronic privileges, so he and I figured out how to install the hammock and took turns trying it out.  He was instantly in love. They have wanted hammocks ever since we bought this house and it was clearly a great choice as they all love it.
 Inside around 7:50 and it is book time and time to snuggle E.  We're reading Lord of the Rings, Return of the King as a family these days, which is a bit of a slow read.  E wanders off and plays with his batman cave, which is an excellent choice.
8:20ish - Time for Bed - E tries to climb the stairs like this --- and fails.  
Brent & I agreed to let B try and sleep in the hammock. We get him settled with a book, book light, pillow, water bottle, and cover him completely in bug spray.  He actually does manage to fall asleep out there after alot of wandering around, looking at bugs, etc... We did bring him in around 11:30pm as the radar showed rain/storms moving in. 
My Mom arrived after bedtime to hear what had been going on, have some dessert, and spend the night. I love that she has her very own space in our house. She heads to sleep around 10:30. 

Brent is playing games online with friends. I join him and read for an hour before we call it a night. 

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