Sunday, August 23, 2015

WITL 2015 - Saturday

Brent and I slept in until 7 something and missed saying goodbye to my brother, who had spent the night in our guest room.  It did leave me time to get dressed for a busy day and make a lot of silly faces in this mirror while attempting a selfie. 
The big kids had eaten when we woke up, but I helped E with his breakfast while texting with my brother. 
 Then, we split up to different activities.  Brent and B did some work on the garage and then went to baseball practice at 10.  Baseball practice requires them both to participate all the time so sadly no photos. I hear it was a bit of a rough day as B got hit twice with the ball and spiraled a bit from there.  E, M, and I began our adventures with French lessons at 9:15.  Of course I don't have pictures of that either... oops?
E and I went to Starbucks while M was in her lessons - Caramel Machiatto for me and apple juice for him after a long wait as apparently everyone else was treating themselves too. Then, we stopped to pick up M and had a brief chat with her teacher while M & E played with her kids.  They all would have liked to play longer, but all of us had other places to be.  We left with a strong note that more practice is needed on a daily basis as she forgot a lot over the summer. Noted. 
Next up,  buying ballet shoes for M at the local dance store.  E enjoyed the mirrors more than the shopping. The shoes are really nice, much more so than the ones from payless, but not that much more expensive...hmmm. (10am)
The dance studio has a dress code (the normal ballet one) and we were not buying anything that did not meet the dress code, but M could not resist a look. 
Next up, a stop at Dance Unlimited, aka the dance studio, for the open house.  We checked out the assigned studio for the fall, signed waivers, and, of course, spent some time dancing in the new room.  M declared she wants to be an artist AND a dancer. I told her that was fine. 
 On the way out of the shopping center, I saw an Old Navy and stopped to buy clothes for Brent, forgetting they don't sell his sizes in the store, only online.  While I attempted to find the proper sizes in vain, the kids brought me various jewelry items to see if I wanted them.  I ended up with a shirt and some tupperware for M's lunch box. One more stop on the way home to pick up dry cleaning.  Who know dry cleaning one dress cost $16 (Yes, I telecommute and live in the dark ages, apparently).
We met up with the boys at home for just a little bit before the baseball team swim party.  We spent almost 3 hours at Coach Brad's house swimming, eating, and chatting with the team.  B particularly enjoyed getting to hang out with friends from his old school.
 At home, it was nap time (no photos).  Brent and I rested/read on the couch while M&B played with electronics and E, allegedly napped.  After that, it was time for some house projects.
 Brent repaired a variety of things that needed fixing while B and I unpacked six boxes from the garage.  The boxes were mostly scrapbooks and some decor type items. It felt good to have some progress though. B is a very good helper when he gets started on something.
E did a bit of this -- very normal upside down time for him. 
And read some books... This photo prompted me to tidy the downstairs and the office. 

M helped Brent take down some birthday party decorations (from her party three weeks ago) and played in her room. 

 Brent hung some of the retired birthday party decorations in her room so we can continue to enjoy them.  She loves room decorating.
Between helping me with projects B read in his bed. 

 E likes to check in with everyone so he joined us upstairs after his book time.
 I love to capture them playing when they aren't looking --- No, I don't know why she switched to PJs midafternoon, but didn't fight that particular battle.
 One of Brent's projects was hanging some Owl art in M's bathroom.
 E joined the fun, of course.  Around this time, B and I decided to attempt to use the new fire ladder we purchased.  It was fairly quickly clear it wasn't going to work from his window, but it took us quite awhile to get it down and repackaged and consider what other alternatives might work.  There was a lot talk of fire safety in the process which is always good.  The fire ladder now lives in the guest room where it probably would work, but would also break the downstairs window if we tested it.  Here's hoping we never have to find out.
 Brent moved on to garage organization projects while B and I were working on fire safety.  Dinner was pretty informal as we had a late, big lunch.  We mostly had left overs and bits of things before baths.
 E snagged a bit more electronics time while other people bathed.

 Then, group Lord of the Rings reading while I continued to tidy up and get ready for my run.  After the kids were in bed, I headed out the door to run and encountered my mom pulling in the driveway to spend the night. I ran about 2.33 miles through the neighborhood before coming home to stretch, check in with my mom, shower, and read next to Brent before bed.

A busy day, but good.  It was the first weekend in maybe a month that we haven't traveled anywhere. so it felt great to be home even with activities and projects filling the day.

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