Monday, August 24, 2015

WITL 2015 - Sunday

Sunday morning- wake up is about 7:15 for me.  I get the kids ready and fed while Brent gets to sleep in a bit. (I get to sleep in all during the week compared to his schedule so it is more than fair).  My mom is around to chat and help as well. Then off to church around 8:40.  
We sit next to my sister in Mass, which is a rare treat and pretty entertaining with five kids between us. I think it goes rather well, all things considered. 
This was our view during the announcements. 

Mass was quite surprising as the priest invited all the couples to renew their vows!  It was pretty cool to do and neat to be with my sister and her husband as they renewed theirs simultaneously. 

I, of course, love kissing pictures with my husband.  We took advantage of the "cake" set up for a wedding photo opportunity.  I've never ever seen this happen in Mass in my life so it was just a huge awesome moment.  They even, as you can see, had a mini-reception for us all afterwards!

Ro & Zach were all for cake and punch in addition to the normal doughnuts. 
E enjoyed his cake while the big kids were in their first Sunday school of the new year. 

B is in the First Reconciliation and First Communion cycle this year so his teachers had a lot to say at the beginning of class.  The teachers seemed really good and have been doing this for about 10 years so they are ready to roll.  It is going to be a big year for them all!
M is in class with her life long friend Ashtyn as well as her friend from school Paisley.  She seemed to have a great time and loved seeing her friends again. 
My mom joined us for lunch at hideaway and treated us all to pizza as a "wedding" gift.  Had we had any idea the vow renewal was happening I'm sure she would have come to watch it too!

We got home about 12:20 and it was time for some rest.  B likes to watch videos in our bed for some reason. 
M & E watched some shows together. 

Brent began reconstructing the Death Star LEGO that was disassembled for the move. I did (gasp!) some scrapbooking.
Kids drifted in and out -- they would help Brent, build their own LEGO sets, or just chat while we palyed.
E watched "Turbo" episodes during most of this so we had to call off the electronics and he joined in the LEGO fun.
M decided to make a dinner creation of her own. She found this clipboard and wrote out all the ingredients first.  Then we had a little discussion about if it would work, and gathered ingredients.
She added almost all the ingredients herself and it was a great vegetable noodle soup. It was good to have lots of vegetables after a weekend when we mostly ate pizza at various events.
I photographed the 4!! pages I made today -- This one is about M's dress of the summer. In preparing for her birthday earlier in the month I realized there weren't a lot of pages about M at age 5 so I worked on adding to that grouping for her today.
Then, a quick six year old interview page --- You can find the text on my blog here. My scrapbooking process today involved a lot of walking around to gather my supplies, they are in the laundry room cabinets these days, and to the office to print things and blog the birthday interview.  It wasn't efficient, but worked out.
I have access to a limited amount of supplies at the moment, but am really happy with what I can create with this stash and didn't hesitate to us all I wanted of it.

I love the Ali Edwards Story Kits--- so much so that they are the only scrapbooking supplies I'm buying just now.  This page features elements from the "roots" kit that came out this summer.  It was perfectly timed to our move into our new house at the end of June. 

After dinner, Brent was teaching E a game and I went outside and read in the hammock for a bit.  The weather was just too nice for people to be inside so we threw together an evening family walk (about 6pm).  This is the first of two playgrounds in our neighborhood that we visited. 

Playground #2 - M & B were big fans of swinging today.  B discovered he can jump out of the swing in the uprise portion and land on his feet.  He loved it.
We took Brent to our favorite, and the wildest, of the neighborhood ponds.
I love this bit of wild right in the middle of our neighborhood.  So fun.
Can you spot all four people in this photo as we wander the small "woods" near the pond--- yes, the walk was unplanned and E had had an early bath, but we just went with it. We left the area around 7:30 as it really was time to head to bed.
M&E ran a lot on the way home, but M did take time to notice these mushrooms in someone's yard.  B did a good job waiting for us at intersections. (You can see him in the distance here).
Me @ 8pm waiting for kids to get in bed.  I had just done battle with some trumpet vine (which will take over the world if left untended) and pruned a few bushes before calling it a day.  

We rounded out the day with a little bit more LEGO time, blogging, books, and games.  

And that's it!  Seven days of chronicling a very interesting week in our lives.  Thanks to everyone who read along, participated, and helped us out this week.  I have quite a few amazing photos from this project as well as many memories and moments recorded that I am so very thankful for.  I'm not sure if I will put the photos/stories in an album, but even if I don't having them here is wonderful. 

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