Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ten on Wednesday

1.  I haven't done a Ten on Tuesday for a couple of weeks because we have little league games every Tuesday and aren't even home until 9:30.  It is probably fair to say that it will be Ten on Wednesday around here until at least late October when fall baseball is over and my busy season is winding to an end.

2.  Speaking of baseball, B had his best and first hit of kid pitch this week.  It was awesome. It was a pop fly and I was absolutely sure the second baseman was going to catch it.  Luckily, he did not. B made it to third by stealing a few bases, but sadly did not make it home before his buddy Adam struck out for the final out of the inning.  B's team continues to be basically a comedy of errors, but perhaps slightly improving.  Humorously, one kid is a son (or grandson?) of a Mathis Brother (huge Oklahoma Furniture store family) so we see a minor celeb most games.

3.  E is staying home with me a few days this week as his childcare is randomly closed.  He is a great companion.  Today, it all worked out for me to not work a bit in mid-morning and instead work later in to the afternoon past my normal hours as he slept on in his room.  Between late night baseball and much shorter naps at school (and sometimes no naps on the weekend) he is often very tired.  We are taking full advantage of his days home this week to sleep as much as possible :)  Otherwise, we play ninjas, run around in the yard, invent games with his "guys," build blocks, or read lots of books.  He now sleeps with at least one book too, just like brother and sister.

4. Lady M lost her second tooth this week.  Her pronunciation is a little funny at times and I still am not used to the new smile.  She seems to be enjoying it though.  She is doing pretty well of late with her full schedule.  This week, for the first time in ages, she returned to picking up her French vocabulary more quickly and was a great student in the lessons too, I'm told. She continues on with double dance lessons on Wednesdays and is still glowing when I pick her up--- although frequently she admits to sore feet right after.

5. So, it is busy season.  It is a little different than prior busy seasons, but what is ever the same. I am adding a bunch of new tasks in to the mix, but some of the older ones are taking less time, thankfully.  I am not, so far, having to work outrageous amounts, but there is still plenty of time for that before things calm down around Halloween. (Yes, I'm totally jinxing myself I'm sure... .sigh).

6.  Fun with the neighbors continues to be a happy theme here. All three kids (and the Korenak boys too sometimes) have great fun with the boys next door.  There is lots of bike riding, hammock time, scooters, LEGO building, minplex, and a variety of other random games.  I'm so glad it has worked out that there are friends right next door for them.
7.  There is also much, much more exploring in the front yard here at Echohollow House. At our old house, the front yard was pretty limited and slopped steeply down to the street.  Here there is a lot of side walk, yard to run, shade trees, flower beds, a strawberry patch, etc.. M&E are the biggest explorers and found a turtle in their adventuring this week.  He was a very speedy turtle, but they followed him all the way to a safe flower bed.  (Yes, E has PJs on at 4pm --- he changes back in to PJs for naps lately for better sleeping and sometimes we forget to change back...)

8.  Saturday was another day of too many activities.  One of the most tasty was a stop at the Spice Shop for Pie and spices.  The kids had a lot of pie. I managed to eat only a little, but at many of the rhubarb strawberry hand pies that made their way to our house the night before. I didn't make as many pies this year as I was working, but I hear it was a blast.

9.  B attended his very first OU Football game on Saturday with Brent. His favorite part, after some reflection, was the OOOOOOOU they do at kick off (If you've been you know what he means).  He also loved that they played Whip and Nae Nae  for the kids cam, eating funnel cake and a pretzel and getting a little of Brent's Dr. Pepper. He can recite various facts about the actual scoring in the game, but it rarely makes his top hits list. It was a perfectly beautiful day for football and it sounds like he had a wonderful time. Big thanks to Granddaddy for the tickets!

10. While they were at the football game, M and I went to a wedding shower where we got to dress up cousin Janna as a bride in a dress made out of toilet paper.  M loved it and we happily won.  Then, we attempted to sign up for Girl Scouts. It is a little ambiguous how that is all going to work as most of the troops are full, but we're giving it a shot.  Thankfully, Grammie and Granddaddy watched E during those two events.  He loved getting their full attention and I think they like it too:)

This weekend--- a slumber party, French lessons, Church/Sunday school, and maybe that's it as we need a break here. I had some other ideas planned, but am getting the sense that the troops may need to chill a bit at the house more than they need more fun things to do. Somdtimes, that is a good idea for everyone's sanity and rest. 

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Debra Dotter Blakley said...

I'm glad E is getting some extra days of one on one with you this week. I get the feeling his attention sack is a little low. I don't seem to be the one that can fill it, sadly, although I would be glad to. He needs mom….always has.


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