Monday, September 21, 2015

An unexpected gift

For my birthday this year, M & Brent teamed up for a magical, perfect, and thoroughly unexpected gift for my birthday - gold, glittery heels.  It was a gift I'd never dream to ask of, but that made me furiously happy.**

Today, I, to my great surprise, received another such gift.  It was, perhaps even more unexpected as it is not my birthday at all.  In reality, I knew there was a "planting party" tentatively schedule for today under the planning hand of my mother and my daughter.  It was so much more magical than I had hoped and I wasn't even really part of it other than to drop by occasionally and beam.

First, Grandma and M went off to shop for fall flowers for my gardens on an unexpectedly cool, beautiful, early fall day.  They bought tons.  I never buy enough for them to be properly visible, but they bought dozens and dozens, multiple flats of multicolor pansies, at least a dozen mums, including a crimson and cream trio for near the door, least there be any confusion about our allegiances.  They also bought those other things we always need and can never find --- gardening gloves, extra trowels, and some good dirt.

Then, they set to work with B & E to begin the transformation.  Everyone dug in and little E sported a cowboy hat and batman shirt, the perfect outfit for the day.  They made quick progress as I mostly watched from my work desk.  A bit later, Audra, Zane, and Ro arrived for more helping hands, more bicycle riding, more picnics, and more fun.

 E & Ro sat on the curb and chatted.  Zane recycled all the empty pots.  The yard has much more color and life.  Our family roots are planted just a bit more firmly.

Yes, there was a minor bike crash for B, but that is pretty much daily and he had his very own professional RN on hand to assist. The gardens are beautiful and the house feels a tiny step more ours.  I felt special, loved, and so blessed to be surrounded by such happy, wonderful people.  Thank you.

** Yes, I'm reading the bloggess' book the moment it is released, but that's another story. 

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