Saturday, October 31, 2015

Daze in the Maze

 Le'ts go back a few weeks to some of the things I haven't added to ye old blog - First, Daze in the Maze -- a cool farm with mazes, animals, hay rides, etc.. also where I rejoined our kids after a week away.

 Of course they conquered every maze because they are "Master Mazers!"
 There were two feed/corn maizes and two built out of hay bales.
 Plus more hay bales for climbing --- which is essential.
 Ro and E are just beyond adorable at pretty much all times. (or at least when one or both of them are not crying).   Here they are getting ready for the hay ride.  (I look rough in all pictures of this event, possibly because I arrived home at 1 am after working all day and flying home.)
 The Jungle Maze was our final challenge.  It is 6 acres with only one way in and one way out.  Things did not look good for our merry band for awhile.  I think the kids thought we were playing them and really did know the way out.  We did not.  But eventually, we made it and Ro was the welcome crew!
 M enjoys petting all the animals much more than her brothers.
 E was really quite the trooper even through the long mazes.
 M loves pony rides.  She opted for the small horse, possibly because it's baby went along during the rides.

E also loves pony rides.  B not so much, but he did enjoy more mazes :)  We had a little picnic at the Daze in the Maze before heading to the farm for naps.  It was lovely fall fun in perfect weather.  I'm so glad I got to join in the adventure this year!

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