Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ten on Tuesday - DC Edition

1.  I am in DC and strangely grumpy. I mention this upfront as it may color what follows.  I recently took on some new "challenges" at my job and they are (wait for it) "challenging." Que my dramatic sigh and head shaking over "all the things."  (Yes, I really do have to be vague - professional ethics and whatnot).  Still frustrated and not having quite as much "fun" with my work as I usually do. I am trying diligently to work on my attitude and find the thrill in these new perplexing challenges.... Hopefully that works fairly soon. 
2.  Back in Oklahoma Halloween is nearing and fall feels like it is underway about 1/2 of the days.  This cool blow up feature is about four houses away and good fun.  I positively love the days it feels like fall and the kids run all over with the neighbor boys playing awesome games like "tag" -- maybe you've heard of it? Very popular.  There is a lot of bike riding too and M has "almost" mastered riding hers without training wheels.  Brent and I took some rides on our bikes this week as well.  Those neighborhood hills were tougher than I'd imagined!
3. I continue to love living in our mini forest and was extremely amused to find these storybook style mushrooms in our front yard.  Google tells me they are slightly poisonous and probably a hallucinogenic.   We'll stick to just looking at them for now, but was very excited to find them.  We have at least four other types of mushrooms around the front yard at any given time.  So cool!  (Yes, my Dad instilled a love of botany in all of us. )
3.  Thursday evening, Brent and I joined Able and Kari for an 8 course chef's meal to celebrate her birthday.  It was totally delicious and a lovely experience.  The course with Scallops was by far my favorite. It is so rare to get scallops that are cooked properly (especially in OK).  SO good.  Definitely a rare treat. Happy Birthday Kari!

4. Last night, I had dinner with the Hopper family right here in DC.  We miss them so now that they live in Atlanta.  After dinner, Jessie and I trekked far across DC for the Bloggess' book signing.  We were a little late and definitely got our steps in,but the voyage is part of the fun, right? The book store itself was so lovely to explore.  We each found a couple things our kids needed :)

5. Tonight was B's last baseball game of the fall season.  He did get to play a little more infield this week (usually short stop).  Overall it was a pretty good season for him and a lot of adjustment for all the teams as they moved to kid-pitch.  I'm not sure if the Falccons will still exist in the Spring, but so far I do think he plans to keep playing either way.

6. Mr. E is being very, very sad about being dropped of at school (still) this week.  No idea what the issue is, as he is always very happy and full of stories when he comes back.  He says he just wants to stay at his house--- umm, yes, we all just want to stay at the house, but unfortunately have to go to work/school, etc... (In fairness, I usually do get to stay at the house, but I'm working, I promise!)

7.  Sunday evening we ended up having a random family gathering at our house (Missed you Audra!).  The kids played outside with the neighborhood boys, we ate together, and Able and Kari ventured north to bring us their only watermelon of the year.  It was so delicious.  I love having them visit, in particular, as we see them less often now that we live further north.  I just love visiting with everyone and hope we have many more evenings like that.

8. The weight loss project has been going along rather well.  I'm fascinated to find out how this week ends up as it has been the most chaotic, lacking in care, and generally over the top so far.  I suspect the numbers will not be going down this time, but "might" still hit a 10lb loss by Halloween!  Hooray! (Trying to keep that goal in mind when I'm stressing at work and want to eat "all the chocolate).

9. One of my favorite memories of the week is E quietly padding downstairs just as we finished the last episode of Sherlock and saying he needed snuggles.  We proceeded to talk and snuggle. He claimed nothing was wrong he just needed to snuggle us and maybe some hugs.  He transitioned from my chest to Brent's and my heart melted as there are so few times left of seeing our babies on Brent's chest.  We talked about the school issue above and his response was -- I just want to be with my mama--- Yeah, quality response.  It is possible he knows where all my buttons are, or maybe he is the sweetest guy ever?

10.  I just finished a video chat with the kids and Brent.  The big news is the Magnus Chase book as arrived; M got to sit by and play with Everly today and is learning to play volleyball; E is excited that Aunt Audra picked him up at school; M "says" she sat still the entire baseball game with Grammie and watched the game....I'm dubious.  Video chat is still a little glitchy I feel like, but still really nice.  The kids asked me what even kind of exciting things happened to me today -- I came up with - lots of hugs from my friends, getting to eat grape leaves (dolmas), and talking to them.  I don't think parsing the faculty code would play with that audience :)  I will look harder for exciting things to report tomorrow.

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