Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall Farm Camp

 For the second year, my trip to DC has coincided with EPS fall break. Luckily, Grandma has turned this tricky childcare situation in to fall farm camp.  It is awesome.  The first day, they hung out a bit in the city, went to the candy shop, and had lunch with Uncle Able to celebrate Grandma's birthday followed by a drive up to the farm and a stop at the Waukomis playground.
 I think this photo is from Day 2. hr  I totally love this picture, wreath, and girl.  It was one of their projects at camp before I returned.
 The first day of farm camp was just our kids, but on day two the Korenak boys and their mom joined the fun..  Everyone luckily found and wore their farm camp shirts from summer farm camp.

Everyone helped Grandma harvest the bird house gourds.  A couple days later Brent and Zach strung them up in the rafters of the garage to dry for later craft projects.
There was also some fishing. 

 After a busy day, they attempted a slumber party int he treehouse, but eventually moved it inside.
 More adorable small boy fun -- this time jumping in the leaves!
 Uncle Zach installed a new awesome swing.
After Daze in the Maze, Brent & Zach installed this new climbing wall feature for the tree house. 

In which they use cute grins to distract us from the fact that they don't eat much of their dinner. 

The first day we were there featured an awesome bondfire and smore's!
 Day four (for kids, 2 for me) featured painting bird houses.  B was quite meticulous.
 Uncle Able & Aunt Kari arrived for Day 4 and took everyone on tractor rides!

 As B is now 8, he got to try driving the tractor for the first time.  It is fascinating (and sort of terrifying) to think that age 8 each of my siblings and I began driving the tractor in the field raking hay. So weird.

 The kids spent lots of time digging in the big dirt pile and found five hibernating frogs!

Lots of of other things happened like planting bulbs, eating candy corn, swinging, singing, napping, playing in the treehouse, etc... but there are a few of the highlights of an awesome fall farm camp!  Thanks so much to my mom and Audra who put an amazing amount of effort in to this and do so well with our kids when I'm away.

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