Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ten on Wednesay

1.  On Saturday, the kids and I joined the Korenaks for fun with Thomas the Train at the Oklahoma Railway Museum.  The day was a bit haunted with ghosts of our last visit for me.  Last time, M was maybe 2 months old and rode in a sling, and both of my parents, both of Brent's parents, and the Hoppers were with us.  I'm glad my Dad got to share that day with us, but his absence was marked for me in Thomas take 2 --- Actually last time there were 8 adults and four kids -- This time, three adults and five kids... ratio problems. It was still fun and train rides are always good.  Love the picture above.
2.  Friday night, M had her very first Daisy Scout meeting.  It has great potential and I think she will enjoy it.  She, however, did that annoying thing our kids do at parties where they don't know anyone and basically refused to speak the entire time.  This was particularly problematic as for about 10 minutes the girls were just supposed to be talking to the person next to them and making new friends.  Sigh.  The troop we joined meets monthly so we'll try it again in November. 
 3.  Love that this little guy offers to carry my bags now.  Such a gentleman at 3! He is actually having a pretty rough week. He cries about all the things -- cries pitifully about going to school, eating, sleeping, not reading, not having videos, etc.... He is staying home the next two days and there is going to be a lot of serious napping in his future.
 4.  Remember last year when I was busily doing 10K steps a day in a purposeful way? I have continued to wear the pedometer and look at it to get a sense of my day, but hadn't really been pushing for all the steps.  My job is having a health promotion program/contest this month to try to get people to do more physical activity and coupled with my weight loss goals I've recommitted to getting my steps in.  I've also taken on more hours of my sedentary job since last year so having to do things like pace my house while on work calls.  All to say, we're also doing more walks like the above walk to the park last week.
5.  B's baseball team won their very first game of the season and had their first tie game in yesterday's double header.  B got a great hit and some good fielding in the first game, but was left on base.  In the second game, he scored a run late in the game to tie it up and keep the team hopes alive.  Also, hilariously, the game had to be delayed briefly at one point as he decided while "on deck" that he had to go to the bathroom before he could bat. Oops?  He loved playing baseball last night and his team was doing better.  He did not love how much homework he had to do before school or how tire he was this morning.  These were the last games I will be here for as the final two games of the season are next week when I'm in DC.

6. While I drove the kids around to baseball practice, French lessons, and Thomas adventures on Saturday Brent went to the OU game with his Dad.  The Sooners were victorious and Brent had a good time, minus the sunburn he gained while he was there.  Undeterred after all those adventures we went to International Night at OSSM, which was a delicious mix of food brought by each family in reflection of their own cultures.  We brought Irish Soda Bread and salted butter.  I tremendously envied all the amazing dishes and beautiful native costumes.

7.  M had her field trip to the Zoo today.  I hear it was a wonderful experience and it sounds like Breck's mom took great care of her.  She even got to feed a giraffe for the first time! She is full of tales about all the animals she saw, lunch at the zoo, what animals she got to touch, etc..  She talked to Grammie and Granddaddy for at least 20 minutes this evening before we convinced her she had to go to sleep and that they would talk tomorrow when they come to visit.  (Brent and I have date night!!)

8.  This is the traditional busy season for my job.  Oddly, that part of my portfolio is behaving quite nicely and the new part is driving me insane.  It is impossible to explain exactly what is happening, but there are some misunderstandings, failures to communicate, illogical choices, and people that are unwilling to bend to the greater good --- so normal, I guess, but all in a new and frustrating context. Hoping I figure this out soon as right now the path isn't as clear as I'd like.  I'll be in DC in person next week and happily back in my normal Board work.  (*The craziest part of all of this is that I still haven't been paid for any of the extra hours I have worked since Sept. 1 due to paperwork issues..... SO not willing to do this particular thing for free).

9. We spent a lovely evening on Sunday with the Korenaks.  Zach made some amazing Pork Chops on the Grill followed by family sports time in the back yard (mostly baseball and football).  It was lovely, relaxed, full of yummy food, and people I love.  I plan for much more of that.

10. I am loving the transition to fall.  We put up our (minimal by Zane standards) decorations and have a few plans for more. I can see October filling with fun - so far, School Fun Fest, Myriad Gardens Pumpkinville  (and maybe Monster Mash Party), Neighborhood Pizza Halloween Party, School Parties, and then the big Halloween night adventure in the new neighborhood (including family pre-party at my house!)  The kids and I have costumes and I hear Brent will be in costume as well.  Should be great fun.  Trying to focus on all that fun that will commence as soon as I return from my jaunt eastward.  I think we probably need more pumpkins and to figure out a few new additions to our fall decore for this year.  We shall see..... Any spooky party food ideas?

Hope you have a lovely week and I'll hopefully write to you from DC next week!

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