Monday, November 2, 2015

Pumpkinville 2015

The Myriad Gardens' Pumpkinville is one of my very favorite fall traditions.  We visited twice this year, both times with the Korenaks.  The first time was the last day of fall break and the second was during the Monster Bash party.  
Each year the set up is a bit different, but it always features 100s of pumpkins, yard games, crafts, and awesome decorations throughout.  Here they are making witches' soup, I believe. 

I snuck this picture of B and really love it. 

Then E requested his picture as well :)
All 5 kids holding still for one moment!
Ro is too cute and very good at having his photo taken. 
Zane is playing us a tune!
Three cute kids!
M wore her new, special head band earned for being on extra good behavior and being an wonderful helper in all reports from while I was gone to DC. 
 M loves to spin on these every time we come to the Children's Garden 
 On Saturday, we went to Monster Bash.  Again this year Brent was at an OU football game, but we persevered. I had tickets to the ballet immediately thereafter and thankfully the Korenaks took our kids home for us!

 The candy craft was quite delicious!
 Our little witch - Lady M wore this same costume to every single Halloween opportunity this year, which was definitely a first.  It is a really cool costme!
 E was a dragon and loved hanging out with his buddy Ro the tiger.

B made an awesome ninja.  The sword was essential to this cool look. It did break later in the weekend, but thankfully Uncle Zach was able to repair it!

 All three kids - ready for Halloween fun!

 The boys ate the results of their candy crafting right away.

I was a little surprised how much our kids adored bingo.  They played for a very long time and had to be lured away by other attractins (ok, candy).  We really should play bingo more often!

I love the Myriad Gardens and getting to play in the Gardens with our kids surrounded by pumpkins and beautiful creations.  We will certainly be back for Pumpkinville 2016!

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