Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ten on ..... Wednesday (Take 2)

I started this last Thursday, but only got to four before I had to work some more... here it goes again.
1. My work is very intense right now.  The hours are long, the stress is high, and we're all doing things that are fairly new to us.  I'm very conscious of my tendency to love the adrenaline of these situations, but that I eventually tip off a too much stress cliff historically.  I'm actively managing that this time and took 15 minutes yesterday to read email and rest in the hammock, because why not? Working from home has its advantages and if my job is borrowing time from every direction I'll just borrow some too :)

2.  I may have mentioned in September that we ordered a table and benches from the local craftsman Wobbly Knob -- It arrived and I love it.  We are using it frequently and I look at it and smile from the office.  It is a subtle reminder that this work makes cool things like this table and house possible as well as being fascinating.  I think the table will get lots of use for years to come. I especially love that it was made here in OK, just for us!

3.  There continues to be massive amounts of neighborhood playtime outdoors and I love it. This day, it was light saber and sword battles.  There is some crying, but mostly lots of talking, fun, and imagination. 

4. I took a break from being a university administrator to "pretend" to be a university administrator on Monday for OSSM's mock college interview night. It was pretty fun and I got to catch up with an old friend from OU.  Mostly I got to listen to Brent's students tell me how much they love him and how awesome he is, which is always good.  (Big thanks to Brent's parents for picking up E on Monday and staying with the bigs while Brent and I switch places at OSSM).
5.  On Friday evening, M and I had girl's night with Ashtyn and her mom.  We made magic meringue mushrooms for Ashtyn's party and had fun playing and chatting together.  The girls don't see each other as much anymore but still have a great time together.  They will soon be in the same girl scout troop for added fun. 

6.  Lady M has taken to wearing her Great Grandmother's pin on fancy occasions.  Yes, the fancy occasion here is French class, but you get the drift.  She tells everyone about it and this costume jewelry is definitely well loved by the younger Jewel. 

7.  On Saturday, M & I went to Alescia's party (daughter of M's french teacher) and then on Sunday we went to Ashtyn's Enchanged Wonderland party featuring all sorts of awesome, extreme animals. M loved petting them and actually did better at the parties than usual, which is amazing considering she knew only a couple kids at each one. This weekend, Brent will be braving the 6yo birthday party scene while I take B to Reconciliation.  I think we're both happy with that arrangement. 

8. Working crazy amounts always brings extra mommy guilt, right? So on the days when there have been some breaks in the action I'm trying to be very present and engaged.  On Friday, that meant taking E to the park for the 30 minutes or so we have before his big siblings come home.  He climbed all the way up the rocket ship at the park near his school while I stood by flabbergasted that he is so very big now. He wanted to be caught every time down the slide. I happily obliged and took a big ball of a hug for each trip.  He is awesome and so very sweet. 

9. Sunday, after church, sunday school, birthday party, and a run for me (to save sanity and counter act way too much sugar), we had a hot dog roast in the Korenak's fire pit.  It was great fun and so nice to not have to cook dinner when I was way too full already.  The kids are really in to playing football and tackle when at the Korenak casa, so there were some tears, but in general they, and we, had a great time.

10. We've been doing a fair amount of outside work on the house in the last few days.  We've planted nearly 200 bulbs ( 1/2 Dotter iris, followed by tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths).  In planting the bulbs, we found some already tucked in so either my mom has made me a secret gift or this house has some spring surprises in store for us!  We've also added another six bags of mulch, planted an oak tree (and staked it), sucked up the first layer of leaves (and used it as mulch), taken down the hammock, sprayed the pansies frequently with Siracha to dissuade the deer,  brought most of the back yard toys in for cooler weather, and bought bird seed to share when it is a bit cooler.  It feels like progress and yet like there is much more to do! I do very much love fall in the new neighborhood. 

PS B had his school program last week as well, but all the photos are on the "real" camera so we'll try to give that fun event its own post. 

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