Sunday, December 13, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 13

If you missed Day 12, you can find it here
 Yes, I think this may be the first time in all of December Daily this year that I am fully caught up through the current day.  This was largely made possibly by a quieter than usual weekend and the return of my crafting table.  Here is the two page spread.
 We have another two story day (and some slightly blurry, taken after dark photos --- my apologies).  Today was the Sunday School program at Church.  The upper photo is B's class singing Away in the Manger.  The lower photo is the Pre-K and Kindergarten staging of the nativity, complete with four adorable songs.  M's friend Olivia was Mary and is just barely visible here, but very excited about her big role.
Late yesterday, I came to the stunning realization that today was going to be December 13--- Santa Lucia day! We did a little improvising to make it work.  M got up early, really too early. I managed to delay her for an hour or so with photos, gathering the tray of goodies, and a little bit of ponyville.  When B woke up, we sent him back upstairs so she could come wake him wearing her glowing crown.  She then woke everyone else with promises of cookies and oranges on the couch (not quite traditional, but close enough).  We spent a full hour of couch time eating cookies and talking.  It was extra special as Grandma was here to celebrate as well.

The rest of the day, we played, crafted, watched movies, talked to Grandma, read books, Grandma bought B TWO pairs of shoes, I went running, etc... It was very calm and very good.  Ready for the final big push to the end of the semester with a very large list of to dos for the week.  Thankfully, M makes sure we wrap some presents every day so that project is surprisingly ahead of schedule.  Hooray for small wins and good family days. 

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