Sunday, December 20, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 19

If you missed day 18, it is here.

 Day 19 - Nutcracker! In fairness, I could have told this story with a lot less photos.  However, there were a lot of photos I really loved and I know it is unlikely they will make it in to scrapbooks if they aren't in here so I just went with it.  Above, is a lovely photo of M that I will likely enlarge somewhere.  We had some extra time to wander about before hand and snapped this.  Before we left Brent took the other photo in front of our tree as it is always good to have the basic shot early in the day before we are tired. I hope to have a great collection of these over time.
I haven't included much memorabilia this year and decided to add in this center page with the front of the program on one side along with some gold tape and a traditions tab.
 Here is the spread together.

 On the back side, I wrote around the edge of the star our names, and a collection of words that described the day/experience for me.  I added M and my tickets as well (Second row!)

M and I visited "creativity corner" and made this cool tiara before getting warm drinks with Grandma, Aunt Audra, Tracie, and friends.   I wanted some shimmer and peak through element so I added some random bits above.  Not sure I'm totally a fan, but good for now.  The bottom photo is afterwards with very tired M & me and my sister.  The picture with Grandma is too blurry this year, sadly and Tracie wasn't a fan of our photo so I went with this one.  As you can tell, my cold medicine was wearing off and M was very tired.  She fell asleep pretty much as soon as we got in the car.  She did love her Nutcracker though and snuggled him all through the show. 
Here is the spread together.  Lots of gold and read this year!

I mostly used items from the main kit,but the star paper was one of my favorites from the One Little Bird addon.

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