Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 20

After a lot of pages for Day 19, Day 20 is a simple one page for a fairly simple day.  There were more stories that could have been told, but this was the key one - Puzzle Day! I decided in the last year or two to give the puzzles earlier than Christmas Day when we can all focus on them together without the distraction of other gifts.  Around 5pm, the kids' opened a big present with two new puzzles.  One is a kitchen seek and find puzzle and the other one is a ocean scene --- homage to E's current obsession with Octonauts.  M got out a few more puzzles form our collection to do and we had a lovely time. I happen to really like the ocean puzzle and working with E to identify all the animals.  He knew a surprising number!

The journaling also talks about delivering presents to neighbors and making fudge.  The crafting is simple - the back of the see through pocket from Day 19, a journaling card and the photo.  It is really one 4x6 photo just sliced in half to work with the pockets. I like that the traditions tab shows through the pocket as well as this is also one of the December traditions we are creating.

 On the right hand page is a December page from the kit.  I want this here as it shows through the pockets perfectly, but may ultimately add text or images on the lower half as part of day 21.  We shall see....

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