Monday, December 28, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 23

If you missed Days 21 & 22, you can find them here.

 Looking at these - I'm not super happy with how day 23 turned out, but honestly, that is true about the day itself so onward.  The left page is the back of the prior day.
 It didn't really fit well with the photos or journaling I wanted to do so I added another photo and a filler card to get things back on track.  There is lots of gold as we draw near to Christmas!  Most of the photos are about our big making cookies for Santa activities (The Chew Ginger Spice ones... so good!)  I painted the back of the 3 from Day 22 with white paint and then gold glitter glue so it was pretty from the back.  A lot of the confetti is stuck behind it as well.  ... and glittery stars, of course. It is a theme?
 So that middle insert. Is actually hiding a small story about a health scare with my mom we discovered late in the day along with a picture of her and M from the Nutcracker.  Looking at it now, I realize I hinged it on the wrong side so no one can see it without actually unsnapping the hinges and that is OK, probably.  I wanted a bit of the story there to remember, but didn't want to make the day sad on its face, because it was a good, busy, delicious day up until that last bit.
The right side is a collage of cookie backing including an upside down picture of our cookie jar, which probably only is noticeable to me :)  There is also a picture of our adorable elf E and the big kids helping me make goodie bags for the Christmas Tea!

My mom is generally fine now, we think.  More tests will be done to be sure.  It was a busy day that ended up with a lot of stress and a night time drive back to the farm for me.  I'm glad I could do it and that she is feeling better now.  Love you, Mom!

(Crafting note - I stuck with the gold theme, but today's glittery pieces are hearts, because at 36 I just bought myself a bunch of glittery heart stickers, proving childhood dreams continue to come true!)

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