Sunday, December 27, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Days 21 and 22

I had a lot going on this week and just wasn't feeling the crafting so I let it go a couple days.  This left me with four days worth of pages to do on the 25th and that actually was really nice. I could take my time, do some more complicated things, and not feel rush or like I "had" to do it.  It was good.  Here are the first two with more to come. 

 When I finished Day 20, I thought I would leave the entire facing page as the Starry December paper, but it felt a little too quite compared to life here.  So I cut the page in half, and added 1/2 of day 21.  But I felt like the pages just really needed a bit more.  I cut up some transparency and added the word "Joy" from the large letters that came in the kit --- plus glittery stars of course. (Side note -- I have actually obtained more glitter stars to finish out the month as I've so depleted my glittery star collection... I love them. So here is how the full page spread turned out.

 I sprayed the back of the letters with gold shimmer spray so that they would be pretty from the back as well.

 So the first 1/2 of the day is the Date card  + photo of the crafting with cousins party.  This was pretty spur of the moment at my sister's house, but great fun.  M made the most crafts.  E went off book and designed his own craft instead of those Audra planned (ninja turtle Santa).

Craft note - I made the red letters by painting plain chipboard letters and then adding a layer of glitter glue--- turns out the finish on my new table doesn't do so well when heated...I should be more patient and let things dry in their own time, apparently. M and I talked alot about patience as we crafted on Christmas Day.
 Part 2 of Day 21 is on the back. I don't really like splitting the days this way, but it just happened and I let it go.  The top photo is of the kids caroling at a neighbor's house as part of the neighborhood cookie decorating/caroling party.  We were late to the party, but the kids enjoyed decorating cookies and then dropping them off with our street's elderly residents and singing a carol.  It was a beautiful day for it.!

Crafting note - I used a bunch of the labels from the December Daily kit on the bottom half of the Starry Paper from the first half of the day. I love the paper and sort of hop it ties the two halves together. ---- and more glitter stars.
 Here is the next spread with the 2nd half of Day 21 and the one page of Day 22.

The 22nd I was off work and it was really mostly about preparing for the week to come ---all sorts of errands, etc... The cool part though was watching the Santa videos in the morning.  The kids have been asking for them for weeks and they were really good this year.  Each kid had their own story line and they were all on the Nice list --- B was strangely nervous about if he would make it this year, but he did. 

The red three is both for our 3 kids and 3 days til Christmas.  I painted and embossed the 22 for extra fun.  More glitter stars and label stickers, of course.... I enjoyed putting some new things in the transparent pocket. I really like the peek through elements still. 

Days 23 and 24 are done and each fairly long and will get their own posts.  Days 25-27 are not yet  in the book, but as I anticipate we'll likely be snowed or iced in tomorrow I plan some more leisurely crafting!

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