Saturday, December 5, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 3

 Day 3 - Day three was awesome.  I've been working until midnight most nights of late.  As part of that balance, I borrow back some time during the day here and there.  On Thursday, that meant stopping for a Peppermint Mocha, lighted garland, and 101 ornaments.
 The left page shows the back of day two, me & my mocha, and the kids as they helped decorate the garland.  I adored having so many ornaments that they could just poor them on with abandon and no need to caution about having enough.  They were so in to it and did an awesome job.  I loved, loved doing this with them.
The right hand page shows off the final product.  Not the best picture of B, but we're rolling with what we have.  It is so golden, sparkly, and happy.  I'm SO glad we did this. I love decorating our new house and building up towards Christmas with our kids. 

Crafting notes - the card on the left is from last year's kit and randomly already had that silver sticker on it, and I went with it.  The card on the right is from this year's kit with some silver star brads from the Story kit added.  On the other page, I added some red polka dot transparency over the three card.  I miss measured and the transparency wasn't as big as the card, but I think I might like it better this way.  Hooray for happy accidents.

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