Saturday, December 5, 2015

December Daily 2015 - Day 4

Day 4 was hard.  It was supposed to be such an awesome day, but just fell apart. Not all of that story is mine to tell so I hid some of the journaling where I can find it, but others won't see it.

The story I can tell: All week we've been looking forward to decorating the Christmas tree.  We'd debated where to put it and been excited about staying up late for family decorating fun.  When it was finally time, we couldn't find the tree stand. After much searching and unpacking of boxes, we still couldn't find it.  Then they tried to buy one that also didn't work.  Finally,  Brent found and bought one that would.  The kids were getting anxious, sad, and repeatedly asking why we couldn't decorate it.  Finally, we plugged it in and...... 1/2 or more of the lights wouldn't work and we couldn't seem to fix them.  We gave up and sent three very sad kids to bed.  I was sad too. I scrapped my knuckles to bleeding carrying everything back out to the garage so we'll have space for the party tomorrow.  It was not a good day.  Those days happen even in the most merry of seasons.  Today is a new, and better day.

Crafting note - the 4 card is from the kit with stickers and glitter tape added from other kits.  The kraft strips are from the "cheer" kit.  The black and white elements are from the black & white Story kit and seemed to fit very well here as I worked through the facts and feelings of this day.

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